Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oliver's Quips

Can I please preface this by saying I CANNOT wait for my youngest two to start fully talking?! Scarlett's starting to make silly phrases but Oliver says full blown tidbits that I find it really hard not to bust out laughing.

At Scarlett's 2 year check up, Oliver decided to come instead of staying at daycare to 'protect' (his word) his sister.
The doctor comes in and says hi to everyone...Oliver's response:

"Hi looo-sah (loser)."

Yup, that's my kid.... Talk about one of the most embarrassing experiences as a mother. Luckily for me the doctor didn't say anything but it taught me just how much Oliver is like sponge. I remember some character saying that on an episode of Phineas and Ferb....months ago. He had never said it at home, he had just chosen the "perfect" time to unearth it.

We're working on it...


Oliver is learning about relationships. We keep telling him he's our son. Yesterday we were playing and he told me:

"Momma, you're my son."


He also learned what a man is. From time to time he'll tell me he is a man. I have to correct him and tell him he'll grow up to me a man. However this last week I heard him saying:

"I'm a man, I do whatever I want!"

Yeah, okay buddy. Ha!

And here are some pictures. I couldn't help but post a bunch since Oliver never willingly poses for a camera. I think he's such a beautifully handsome boy (I know, total mom) and I love that he displayed it. Of course we were right in the window so some of these are a bit overly exposed but I don't care. He was looking AND smiling NORMALLY, no silly faces!! I'll take it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scarlett's Birthday Party!

Little Miss Scar turned two. I was super depressed as her mother. I feel like I missed her entire life. She was born, then she turned two. Boooo.

We decided to throw a Halloween costume party. What more could a parent love then getting use out of that costume that A. cost you a ton, B. you spent hours making? I'm all for doing as many costume related activities around Halloween just to get use of them!

Scarlett was Wonder Woman and ONLY cared about lollipops. Presents? Who cares?...the other kids did, haha. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked so someone else picked up my Cannon and started shooting. Then when things calmed down and a lot of people left, we got a lot of pictures with the Pirottes and Peakes. Some of my absolutely favorite people. :)

With Babcia and Dzia Dzia.

Some of the food.

There's that lollipop and the best pic of Scarlett from the whole night.

Vampire mouth, thanks Pinterest.

Yeah, all the other kids loved the gifts.

Scarlett cared for a second.

Felix's Godmother!

My kids like to get naked...Ugh.

5 Months!

Mr. Feefs is 5 months old! And yes, he has the most ridiculous nicknames...

Felix loves the below pictured spinning toy. Super annoying, but he is mesmerized. He's getting accustomed to the high chair, although rice cereal is not going well. He's only tried it a handful of times but I don't think he's even swallowed a bite. My other two kids started eating solids at 4 months and loved them (especially my hefer, Scarlett) however they were formula fed babies. Felix is exclusively breastfed and going strong so I'm not pushing it but am wondering if there is a correlation. There is no nutritional value at this age anyway, I was just thinking he may want the supplementation since he's such a big boy! Felix seems to be just fine with the amount he's getting from my breast. I do have plans to make some of my own baby food (a first for me!) and see if he just needs to taste something less bland than rice cereal.

I must say I am enjoying nursing more than I thought I would. I think this is due in large part to Felix since he has been so good at what he does. I never have been sore or had issues with my supply. When the weather was in the high 80s and 90s I did notice that Felix wanted to nurse more often as he was thirsty from the heat so felt like I had a baby attached to me boob nonstop...Even then I felt good about it. He is going through a biting and pulling stage along with pinching my boob. OUCH. All and all I love it but do miss my sleep...

That's a whole 'nuther story. My first two slept through the night every night at 1 month of age. Perfect for a working mom who needs her sleep. They were also formula fed (and formula is digested slower and is thicker)... Felix wakes up at least twice a night to nurse so we mostly co sleep. He gets placed in his crib at the beginning of the night but once he wakes up the first time, I place him in bed and nurse laying down. I usually fall asleep during that and prefer not to get up to put him back knowing I'll need to get up again! I was never a fan of cosleeping without a cosleeper but its worked out for us thus far and I like that Felix has always been a sturdy baby. Scarlett was such a tiny little thing, I would have felt terrified that I'd roll over on top of her. Anything can happen to any child, of course, but Felix has always been giant which puts my mind at ease personally.

Felix loves his siblings. He is so fascinated by both of them running around and playing. I am very diligent in making sure all the kids are always involved with each other so when Scarlett or Ollie want to show me something cool, I make sure they also show Squishy. Now I don't even have to remind them. They usually run to him first THEN show me. Recently Scarlett was showing off her big, two footed jumps to her baby brother, and Oliver was showing off his monster sounds for Halloween. I like that they see Felix as more of an equal.

Side note: YES, we still call Felix Squishy. It fits. :)

I also do the opposite. For example if one of the kids hands Felix something I make sure I say, "Felix, tell Oliver/Scarlett thank you for getting your binky." The kids are very aware that Felix is a baby and can't do a lot of things but I don't want that to become an excuse. I don't want him to be the baby that gets away with everything. If he pulls on someones hair he says sorry (via me!) or if he sneezes he says excuse me (via me as well!). I know it sounds silly but it works for our family. The kids know he is a baby but its under the premise that they need to help teach him how to do things correctly. He gets a bit of leeway but ultimately the expectation is that Felix will be equally responsible for manners and good behavior. The kids have A LOT less resentment for Felix this way and enjoy being A PART of his development.

And here is a comparison between one month old and five months old.

Look how chunky he is. I get to kiss this EVERY  day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Letter To Scarlett

Dearest Scarlett,

When I became pregnant I instantly knew I was having a girl. The ultrasound and your subsequent birth confirmed it, but I knew.

I also knew there was going to be something special about you. Not only because you have me as a mother who does, and will continue to, push you to be sincere, passionate, independent, feisty, confident, nurturing, strong, resilient, driven and much more. No, I knew from your surprise conception that you had a place on this Earth and you had chosen your timing. Even in birth you were a tangy twist on life as I knew it. You knew when you wanted to be born and you were in a rush. I've never seen a pinker, perkier, more ready to live baby.

Scarlett Magnolia, you drive me insanely crazy. You fight me on every little thing and I know you are challenging me over which one of us females will rule our boy infested roost. You make me want to tear me hair out with your strong will, and your appetite for challenges, and destroying any obstacles in your path. Have I mentioned I am completely in awe of you and more proud then I could ever imagine being of a two year old?

You, my darling daughter, my little sissy missy, my little muffin, my little stinky pants.....
You need to have fun.
You need to thrive.
You need to destroy.
You need to out eat everyone in the family.
You need to fall from the highest point of playground equipment.
You need to win against your brothers.
You need to laugh hysterically as you yell at me in the car.
You need to be clingy with your Daddy.
You need to bust your cheek and eye while jumping in the bath tub.
You need to run around naked no matter how cold.
You need to hate chocolate.
You need to be scared of kitties and puppies.

To grow and learn and become a successful little lady, you need to do all the things that drive me crazy.

I am, and continue to be, forever grateful that I get to be your Mommy. I am almost excited for your tween and teen years just so that you can grow up into a young woman and be my best friend. But for now, stay small, with your GIANT personality, and spend every day annoying your brothers and making us all laugh.

Love you more than words can utter,

Scarlett Turns TWO!

It's been two weeks and I still can't believe my little baby turned two. She seems to have grown up super fast and its partially my fault. I got pregnant when she was just 10 months old and life hasn't slowed down since. Pregnancy and grad school and full time job didn't help...

Being that she is our special little baby girl, we decided to celebrate as a family on her actual birthday, October 15th.

We've Got A Sitter!

Mr. Amazing decided to show us how sturdy he really is! He began sitting around 4.5 months. He's still quite shaky so I don't trust walking away from him as he sits. He still likes to throw himself backwards as most babies do, so I'm either behind him or have a hand behind him. He's definitely been practicing sitting and playing with a toy. I can't wait until he perfects the sitting (which seems soon) and he can enjoy a new perspective long term. I think the kids will appreciate it more as well. They LOVE when he's in an upright position whether he be sitting or standing in the jumperoo. I think they see him as more of a playmate and less of that baby they have to be super careful around.

I just posted this because he looks so darn cute and peaceful.

Here he is shocked and in awe of his sitting.

And here's the shakiness. He's doing great though!

Scarlett and Feefs

Scarlett is really funny. A bit mean, but funny overall. She can go from being cuddly to totally annoyed in 2.5 seconds. Totally a girl.

She's more nurturing than Oliver was when she was an infant but overall she is not playing 'Mommy' or wanting to hold or take care of Felix. She would much rather jump over him or shove toys in his mouth. She's like the third boy I never had, she's extreme!

Anyhoo, these are some funny of the two of them.

Watching cartoons.

Being lovey.

She was so into that hug. While on the potty, yes.

Not impressed with his drool.

I just think she is gorgeous.

Pushing him away.

Pulling on his ear.

Stealing his toys.

Pumpkin Patch 2008-2011

Here's a fresh faced, 22 year old me. 30 weeks pregnant with Mr. Oliver and actually my very first time to a pumpkin patch.

Our first year as a family of 3. Look at little 9 month old Ollie!!

Scarlett's first time! She was just 2 weeks old here. And look how precious Oliver looked. He still looked like such a baby as he was only 21 months old. Not even two!

Last year. What a huge difference one year makes for little missy sissy, as we call her. Scarlett looks so grown up this year! And Oliver's perfect surfer hair. I hope we'll get there again...we're growing it out. :)