Monday, February 11, 2013

Updates from February

I found this as a draft from 2/11/13. I was trying not to forget things and just never posted. :)
I love the evolution of my kids. Every thing they learn along the way shapes them into cooler little people.
I get more and more excited to watch them grow just to see their interests grow and change.

I really do need to start blogging again. :)


Oh my goodness. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about posting almost daily, but I'm just so lazy!!

I feel terrible (as I've mentioned multiple times before) and I feel like I'm losing all of these memories of baby Felix! I was so good at blogging almost daily about baby Oliver and baby Scarlett. Thankfully I make up for it in the amount of videos I take!

I made a little list that I have to touch upon, bc most of these things are so cute! Also I just don't think I'll post any pictures in this post. I have so many to pick from and my mind can't even focus at the moment!

--Scarlett's maternal instinct as exploded a million times over! Her Dolly is a part of this family that she expects treated as a real human girl. We oblige bc, well, its cute. I love to see her nurturing. It has even spread to her brother...the older one. The little one is not her favorite...

I caught Scarlett feeding goldfish crackers right into Oliver's mouth one day. "Open mouth, Ollie!" She kept yelling. It was cute, and Oliver was happy.

--We have a new-ish saying here at home. For as long as Oliver has been conversing, I have always had a comeback for his 'I love you'. I always won after an 'I love you more' 'I love you most' fight!! Recently we took it so far that we ended up saying we loved each other 'mostest toastest with peanut butter and jelly on top". Haha. Oliver and Scarlett now use that whenever we begin our 'I love you' wars.

--I caught Oliver singing "Sexy lady" like in the Swiffer commercial. It was so funny! I couldn't believe he picked up on it. but just at his "Sexy and I know it" days, this song will stick around for a while!

--The amount of things Felix is doing is incredible! Since my last post he claps, waves, crawls and cruises like a champ. Walking is close... He also has 3 teeth with one on the way!

--Oliver likes to randomly tell us he is a man when trying to convince us he can handle something. "I'm a man mom, I can't get hurt." Yeah, okay. He also tried to use the "I'm a boy so I'm better than you Scarlett, bc you're a girl". Yeah, that doesn't fly in this house. With a mom like me, no one tells me I can't do something bc I'm a girl and NO ONE will make my daughter feel that way. Including her brother. I know he doesn't really know what he's saying so I haven't gotten mad, but I'm letting Scarlett beat up Oliver just to prove my point. I wait a few minutes before I help him out. :) Hehe. My boys will respect women and perhaps even be a little scared of them. But in a good way. :)

--Scarlett can FINALLY say Felix...or Felik. Haha. It's cute but its better than just calling him 'baby' all the time.