Saturday, September 29, 2012


I live in a home full of super heroes!

I ended up making the kids some capes out of old T shirts. They loved them! I was going to cut them a bit shorter but both of the kids really enjoyed having them long ans flowy. It was fun to watch them play and pretend to have all sorts of super powers.

And here are their Halloween costume preview! They are obsessed with the super hero thing so I decided to make it a theme. The whole family will be heroes. Luckily Scarlett's bday party is going to be a Halloween themed costume party so we'll have lots of opportunity to wear our costumes!

I'm pretty sure Oliver's bday will be super hero themed at this point...

Oliver the Artist

I think I had mentioned before how Oliver's definition of drawing was lines. He would take each crayon he had and draw one line in each color on a piece of paper. I was kind worried about when he would begin drawing actual things. Finally he began with some easy he's making really intricate things!

The pictures below are people/ He draws a circle for a body and arms, legs and hair. Then he adds facial features. Pretty cool, huh?

The above are actually George and I. George on the left and I on the right.

Oliver is also a pro at drawing cars. I'm so proud!

Scarlett Decorating Felix

This girl is obsessed with clips...

Unfortunately her little brother is beginning to grow some hair...

Sorry Felix...

Family Time

Some pictures of all 3 kids and us parents...sometimes...never all five of us. One day...

Sorry for the down the shirt shot. I was trying to capture what me sitting down looks like. Its never 'me' time. They always surround me. Its like a bad horror movie. :)


Oliver is an AMAZING brother. Can't even describe it in words.

This above series was perfect moments caught. Oliver is so silly.

This was one of the first time I attempted to catch them together. Haha...Yeah....

It only got crazier over time.

Oliver's super cheese face.

Crappy cell phone pic but so sweet. Oliver asked for a photo with his, uh, I had to!


Morning cuddles...Melts my heart.

Mr. Feefs

Mr. Felix is growing so fast.. I so vividly remember being the in the hospital and looking at him. In my mind I had fast forwarded 4 months and so told myself to cherish every moment because with each child time flies just a little bit faster. Welp, here we are, 4 months later and it happened in the blink of an eye.

Twice to the zoo in his short life and he's slept through it both times. Thank goodness for that membership...

No more hernia!!! Yay!

 Felix is really beginning to look identical to Oliver at that age. Here is Felix sleeping in my lap and Oliver's picture... Pretty darn similar.

There was no point to these pictures other than I made an ADORABLE baby! He is so good natured and so happy all the time. He is a true joy...except for when he's teething...

How cute is he?

 Felix LOVES his bouncer. He is even beginning to jump pretty vigorously in it. This is where he and Oliver are very similar. Scarlett just sat in it and never really bounced. Then again, even on the lowest setting her feet didn't touch the ground. She has been very tiny compared to her chunky brothers!

  Lots of tummy time. He still only rolls from back to tummy to his left. With a teeny bit of help he cal turn to the right. He's a huge fan of sitting assisted and standing assisted!

Felix has an engaging little (huge) smile. He is infectious. Definitely my most happy baby. I remember thinking Scarlett was happy. Having Felix has proved to be a joy. And he's got dimples!!! One on both sides though one is deeper than the other!

Oh just modeling that squishy baby goodness.

It's still weird to see him in clothes. He spent the beginning of his life in a diaper with the heat we were having!I'm actually having a hard time fitting him into clothes. He's wearing 6 month clothes now...

First time in a swing! He loved it. I thought I'd have to wait until next spring. Luckily he's huge and sturdy. He did just fine sitting up!

Ollie Ollie Ol

Oliver's turn to have a few things written about his escapades.

He's elusive in pictures and has just gotten over his behavioral hump, so he doesn't have many pictures taken in the last few weeks. I've always had to sneak him with the other kids.

Here is Oliver sleeping on the ground. As I mentioned with Scarlett's entry, he is so used to it that he never sleeps on his bed. Notice the mess in the background... I'm proud to say that does not happen anymore! I can't take credit for doing anything special, he believes no spiders can get him if his room is clean. I was telling him a while back how spiders enjoy messy places since they can hide. It had to do with some story I had read them...Apparently this resonated with Oliver since he (on his own) realized spiders could hide amongst all the stuff on his floor. After a few days of noticing a spotless room I asked him why he was taking such great care. "Momma, the spiders can't get me now." Smart kid. I'll take it.

Oh you know, just chillaxin and watching TV. I put a kibosh on the TV. NO MORE! Its great that their play room has a TV and all. It served as a great distraction when Felix first came home. Especially the part about Oliver knowing how to turn it on all by himself. However I started noticing his insatiable need for TV. He would throw fits if I refused to turn it on downstairs or during meals. This is when I noticed the whole TV thing was getting out of hand. I unplugged the cable in the playroom and dealt with a lot of whining for a few days. I gave Oliver allotted times he could watch his shows but the rest of the time it was Mommy's shows or no TV. Luckily we have it all under control now.

Oliver is super obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He's Captain Hook here.

I love Oliver's outlook on simple things. Here is decided that his cracker needed to stand up instead of lie down. He found some chip clips and invented this. I'm pretty proud of his ingenuity.

Hey Captain Underpants. He's weird. I love it.
I tried to get him to look at the camera. Sometime he dies well and actually wants his picture taken. This was not that time!

He's a pretty cool dude. I love him a whole lot.

Oliver always needs to test out all of the cars at Toys R Us.

Oliver is mega into learning. * Proud Momma* over here!! He must take after me, hehe. Oliver hasn't been napping very often for the last few weeks. Sometimes I just send him upstairs to "rest" when I need a break. Other times he practices his letters. That's the trade off. No nap = learning. He TOTALLY digs it. Right now we are working on writing letters and letter recognition. I'm not pushing anything as Ollie won't even be going to Kindergarten for another almost 2 years. But is is already noticing letters and numbers on his own so I thought I'd catch him and have him understand what he is already seeing.

He knows his alphabet like a champ. He can sing the song like nobody's business, however actually knowing what the letters look like is another story. He does recognize O (for Oliver), X, Z, and S (sort of) He knows S is for Scarlett but he keeps calling it a C. That's okay, its cool that when he sees an S he associated it with Scarlett's name. :) Once I see him getting bored with letters, I'll switch to numbers.

My favorite part is that I genuinely do not have to force this. He loves his work books. They are dry erase so he loves the responsibility of writing his letters then erasing them and going to the next page!

He is going through a fearful stage right now. A lot of things scare him or turn him off. Lots of smells are 'gisgusting' and loud noises are frightening, even ones he used to enjoy (police sires, fire trucks, airplanes). However, other times he does things I would never expect, such as wearing a frightening mask!

Daddy and son had a nice date and went to the Burien Kid's Day at the fire station. Oliver LOVES fire fighters and fire trucks so this was perfect. Above he posed with a real like fire fighter and wore and fire fighter's outfit. He got to explore emergency vehicles and traverse through a real burning house. After several activities Oliver won a prize. He loved the whole time alone with Dad doing something really cool!

P.S. he got a fudgesicle so he mouth is all chocolaty in the picture!!