Sunday, May 29, 2011

Someone's Gonna Get In Trouble

...if her brother catches her in his cars!!! Thank goodness he had just gone to nap.

Walking Coming Soon...

 Do you guys see this!!??!!??

Yup, she'll pull herself up and start taking steps....

It's definitely not cruising quite yet, but give her 3 weeks tops and she'll be crazy good at it.


Daddy & Daugher At It's Best


Love it when these two play together. I always try to get them both looking at the camera. Sometimes its great and other times its one or the other!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Noisy!!!

Somebody is enamored with the door stopper...


 Scarlett at 7 months with her bath time mohawk.

Next is Oliver at 7 months with his mohawk. I can't believe his hair looks longer than Scarlett's!!

And here my 2 year old being crazy happy in the tub!

Sippy Cup

She keeps growing and learning new tricks.  She's been playing with a sippy cup for the last month-ish. She mostly just chews on it because she's teething like a crazy person. But if I tilt back her head she can chug everything like a pro. Oliver had a tough time getting used to his. We went through so many different kinds of sippys and spouts and finally a little after 1 he caught on.

Gradually I'm going to start having her feed herself from a sippy more and more. Now I just giver her juice/water but we'll start giving her formula more often. Hopefully it will be a smoother transition since she has already been such an amazing baby. So easy compared to Oliver. I would never change my experiences with Oliver but I am happy that my second child is easy. In my opinion it's more manageable than having a really easy baby the first time around then having a really tough baby. :)

Caged Baby

Welp, it's come to this! We have to put Scarlett in a playpen now because this kid is SO darn fast at crawling and she perfecting her pincer grasp. Luckily for us she doesn't mind it too much. She can entertain herself for long periods of time but she'll let us know when she does not want to be in here!!

I knew two mobile kids would be hard, but its actually not horrible. But I do have to be on alert 100% of the time because as much as we clean/pick up/vacuum, a 7 month old crawler will find what a 24/28 year old adult missed!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Countdown to Idaho

It's been 3 years this month since we last went to Idaho Falls.
(That's where George is from for those who don't know)

Neither of our kids have been, which makes me sad!!

I'm happy to report that George and I got time off of work together for 4th of July week and we'll be road tripping (all 12+ hours) with the kids across 3 states. :) I'm so excited to see all of the changes to the city and to get to experience all the 4th of July 'hoopla' I've been hearing about. :)

Daisypath Vacation tickers

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update on Mommy

Welp, if you haven't heard through FB, I got in to my Master's program!!!

I will be going to UW Tacoma beginning in September for my Master in Social Work.

It is a very competitive program and I heard so many stories of  it taking others 2-3 applications before getting in.

I feel blessed to have gotten in the first time and it solidifies that its truly meant to be in this time in my life.

Everyone thinks I'm absolutely CRAZY! A full time job, 2 kids, and school? But if you know me, you know this will be perfect for me!!

I should be done in 3 years but I will see if it will be possible to get out sooner. Either way I'm so excited that I am getting closer and closer to my dream career!! And to be able to support my family in the way I have always wanted to is the most rewarding part of this!

And if you care to know my direction:

I will be sticking with Medical Social Work in some capacity. I want to intern in a few diverse medical environments to see what I will want to do. Currently I work in Hospice and really want to explore that! To some death may be depressing, but having worked in the office for almost a year and a half I really think it could be fulfilling. :)

Wish me luck. :)
 Just thought this was a cute comparison. We still have the soccer ball!!!

Here Scarlett is at 7 months.

Below is Oliver at 5 months in June of '09.

I forget what a chunker he was!!!

The Trampoline

I was just trying to sweep the leave off the trampoline and I ended up having a BLAST with my son!
This may be TMI: but after 2 kids naturally, I peed myself jumping. Yup, muscles are just not the same!
But hey, how many of you mommas are with me on this one?? :)

At the Park

Sunny days (which are few and far between this year) = fun times with the kids.
I wouldn't want life any other way. :)

Grass eating

I love that round baby head.


Yup, I'm one strong momma.

Rolling down hills!

Weird Sleeping Habits

 What will I ever do with this boy???

Hahaha. The top picture is him sleeping on the changing table. He is so weird and decided a few nights ago that that was comfortable! Now he begs to sleep up there...I'm scared he'll fall off of it and hurt himself, but then again there is not much I can do! 2 nights ago we put him down in his bed but when we checked on him an hour later he was asleep on the changing table!

Oliver has also boycotted underwear??? I don't know why but he likes to be naked, especially at night.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

7 Months Old

She just keeps growing!! I can't believe it.

*She's crawling faster each day.
*She's starting to use her sippy cup. Though she enjoys chewing on it more!
*STILL teething but no teeth to show. She gets so uncomfortable at times. Her gums are white where the teeth are almost out!
*She likes to make the 'b' sound.
*She's still the happiest little thing!
*She eats 2 jars of baby food  every day and about 24 ozs of formula.
*She's really into her brother's toys.
*She enjoys having 'conversations' and its so cute to listen to!!


Seeing Gemma!

I really don't see this little girl as much as I should! For those who forgot, this is the baby I nannied while I was finishing up with school over a year ago. She is almost 2 now!!

We just need Gemma's new baby sister in this pic and its perfect!

My first baby girl hugging my biological baby girl! It was a sweet moment for me. :)

And here is a blast from the past!!!!:

December 2009, my last day nannying before my college graduation! Look how little she was!!

And here these 2 are in March 2010!! Long before siblings (well, I was pregnant) and big kid stuff!

Love This Hat

Gotta love H&M for their baby stuff!

Greenlake on a Sunny Day

And by sunny I mean, kinda sunny with some clouds coming in and out. Haha. What do you expect in Seattle? By the time we made it around most of the lake the clouds were covering the sun. We finally left when we saw the dark, dark, rain clouds. But we had a great time outside in the fresh air!!!

She was not happy. I think the grass was too cold. :(

Oliver found a walking stick that was the perfect size for him!

She wanted to crawl so bad, but the grass was quite the obstacle!

Happy Kids...

...make for a happy momma!