Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Felix is ONE!

My littlest guy is one now!

8 teeth.
Walking since 10 months.
Talking (dzia dzia, milk, this, there, ni ni, dada, mama)
1 going on 5.
Loves to pull and push toys.
Finally started liking baths recently.
Loves eating anything.
Pretending to talk on the phone is his favorite.
Swing afficianado.
Enjoys to cuddle A LOT.
Finally sleeping though the night as of 11 months.
Just weaned. Mom's having a tough time with that.
Happiest baby I've ever had.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Updates from February

I found this as a draft from 2/11/13. I was trying not to forget things and just never posted. :)
I love the evolution of my kids. Every thing they learn along the way shapes them into cooler little people.
I get more and more excited to watch them grow just to see their interests grow and change.

I really do need to start blogging again. :)


Oh my goodness. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about posting almost daily, but I'm just so lazy!!

I feel terrible (as I've mentioned multiple times before) and I feel like I'm losing all of these memories of baby Felix! I was so good at blogging almost daily about baby Oliver and baby Scarlett. Thankfully I make up for it in the amount of videos I take!

I made a little list that I have to touch upon, bc most of these things are so cute! Also I just don't think I'll post any pictures in this post. I have so many to pick from and my mind can't even focus at the moment!

--Scarlett's maternal instinct as exploded a million times over! Her Dolly is a part of this family that she expects treated as a real human girl. We oblige bc, well, its cute. I love to see her nurturing. It has even spread to her brother...the older one. The little one is not her favorite...

I caught Scarlett feeding goldfish crackers right into Oliver's mouth one day. "Open mouth, Ollie!" She kept yelling. It was cute, and Oliver was happy.

--We have a new-ish saying here at home. For as long as Oliver has been conversing, I have always had a comeback for his 'I love you'. I always won after an 'I love you more' 'I love you most' fight!! Recently we took it so far that we ended up saying we loved each other 'mostest toastest with peanut butter and jelly on top". Haha. Oliver and Scarlett now use that whenever we begin our 'I love you' wars.

--I caught Oliver singing "Sexy lady" like in the Swiffer commercial. It was so funny! I couldn't believe he picked up on it. but just at his "Sexy and I know it" days, this song will stick around for a while!

--The amount of things Felix is doing is incredible! Since my last post he claps, waves, crawls and cruises like a champ. Walking is close... He also has 3 teeth with one on the way!

--Oliver likes to randomly tell us he is a man when trying to convince us he can handle something. "I'm a man mom, I can't get hurt." Yeah, okay. He also tried to use the "I'm a boy so I'm better than you Scarlett, bc you're a girl". Yeah, that doesn't fly in this house. With a mom like me, no one tells me I can't do something bc I'm a girl and NO ONE will make my daughter feel that way. Including her brother. I know he doesn't really know what he's saying so I haven't gotten mad, but I'm letting Scarlett beat up Oliver just to prove my point. I wait a few minutes before I help him out. :) Hehe. My boys will respect women and perhaps even be a little scared of them. But in a good way. :)

--Scarlett can FINALLY say Felix...or Felik. Haha. It's cute but its better than just calling him 'baby' all the time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Here are some pictures from our lazy Sunday, yesterday.

I couldn't help but snap a few of Feefs. He just looked so squishy and scrumptious while sleeping!

I hate that this one came out blurry! This is Scarlett being Scarlett. Wearing her brothers undies, of course!

The kids kidnapped Daddy's watch and modeled it for me. Ha.

Felix the Fun

Felix, bless his heart, is so moldable. He just let's us mess with him and he's so happy in the process. He's my happiest and most laid back baby.

He's got 2 teeth, is starting to try to pull himself up, and stands assisted for quite some time! My baby is growing up! He eats 2 meals a day of baby food and eats Mum Mums like they're going out of style. This is on top of breastfeeding....which I heard would decrease with the addition of food. Yeah right. We're still nursing every 2 hours....

I enjoy the bonding time and am actually getting anxious for when I have to ween! However, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want my body back, haha. Felix did have his first taste of formula around the New Year. I've just gotten sick of pumping. It's been so inconvenient that one day I only brought over 2 bags to daycare and Donna had to supplement one bottle with formula. It was a little heart breaking, since we've been exclusive and its been my first successful bout with nursing. But its lifted a bit of stress off of my shoulders. Its one less thing I'm trying to be in control of. I've realized its okay to get a formula bottle from time to time, its not the end of the world! I pump enough for George to have when I'm at school/work, but I definitely can't be hooking myself up 4-5 times a day. It's been too much with everything else in my life.

Felix is just such  joy, but I'm not prepared for him being so grown up already. It's all happened so quickly!

Scarlett, the Mommy

Oh Scarlett Magnolia.

If you come to my house, you will hear me say that often. Scar is a ton of work! Its those Terrible Twos.

Scarlett has really been developing her personality. She's started noticing all the pink in the toy aisles. We have a car seat and umbrella stroller for her Dolly. Yesterday we almost walked out of Target with a grocery cart to put Dolly in. She's been making sure Dolly is always wrapped in the blanket at home, and she sleeps in Scarlett's bed. I even have to give Dolly night night kisses. She's the second daughter I never had, hahaha.

But I'm finally seeing Scarlett in the role of nurturer on a daily basis. However, she's still hit and miss with her little brother!

In my haze that was FT graveyard training, I spent a lot of time snoozing on the couch while the kids took care of themselves. There was one day where I was kinda of in and out of consciousness and I remember looking over at Oliver and Scar. They were watching the Disney Channel, had gotten the cereal out of the cupboard, and Scarlett was feeding Oliver.

Scarlett: "Ollie, open your mouth!" "Say Ahhhhhhh"
Ollie: *opens mouth*
Scarlett: *throws in cereal* "Good job, Ollie" "Say Ahhhhhhh" *while opening her own mouth to illustrate*

I was cracking up!!

Scarlett is really coming into her own. Now that she talks in full sentences, practically, she can have her needs known. So nice for everyone! This includes potty training. We had attempted in August or September, with bad results. I'm going to say this, as hard as it is, but it was ALL my fault! She was doing great but I couldn't dedicate the time to her needs. I was constantly nursing the baby at the time and she wanted to use the big potty instead of the little one she could use herself. That meant I needed to stop everything to go hoist her up on to the toilet. Because I was in the middle of things with Felix, she ended up having accidents alot after telling me she needed to go. We ended up scrapping the whole thing and back to diapers is was.

I was very depressed about it. I was hoping to just rid myself of diapers like we had with Oliver, all at one time. But we needed to regroup, so I figured after the holidays, we'd pick up and start again.

So since January 2nd, the diapers are GONE!!!

Scarlett was just ready and Felix is so much more capable of being left alone. Good mix! She even topped Oliver and hasn't needed anything for night time. She's been waking up and crying about once a night, which means she needs to pee. Once I get up and get her to the toilet, she goes right back to sleep. She rocks!! The only thing she's not comfortable with is poop. She tells me she's scared. But she's finally got the hang of it, it was just scary the first few days.

I have to say this, but no pee pee = waaaaaaaay less mess. Haha. The common problem with Oliver was reminding him to hold his pee pee down! Otherwise pee went everywhere!

Scarlett is so feisty and I wouldn't want it any other way. She is truly a fun child, who won't smile for pictures!


No TV, Ollie

My big boy is hilarious.

I've been really cracking down on TV time now that I'm done with training for work (that was FT so I let the kids do whatever they wanted while I caught up on sleep).

Lets just say, Oliver is not happy. But he's been dealing with it pretty well after an initial freak out. I've just unplugged the cable in the playroom and I unplug it in the mornings in my room. If its not available Oliver just takes up playing with his siblings.

Wellllll, this morning....

The kids woke up and didn't want breakfast right away, so I let them play. Eventually Felix, Scarlett and I all snuggled on the couch, and after some more time, Scarlett asked me about where Ollie was.

I don't know.... However, Oliver is one of those trustworthy kids that I don't have to worry about. He knows not to do anything drastic (think markers on the wall, etc.) After about 20 minutes I decided to check on him.

I ran upstairs and saw my door closed....that usually means he's in there. I ALSO knew right away he was watching TV (he knows how to turn the channel to 41; Disney). I hadn't unplugged the cable yet.

I went to open the door and felt something in the way. That sneaky snake had put both of our comforters up against the door in anticipation of my wrath. Hahahahhaa. I just came in laughing. Oliver was very perplexed at how I had traversed his booby trap. He was so surprised I'd made it in, that he wasn't even mad about the cable getting shut off.

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?! He has such a cool personality that not everyone sees since he's really shy.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Teethies #1 & 2

I don't know if the picture is cleat enough, but we have 2 bottom teeth!!

We spent the New Year tending to a cutting tooth, and just yesterday the other one cut. FINALLY. Teething sucks.

Sick Days

This family has been sick all week. So sad.

Here's Miss Sis watching Tangled with Dolly in a mound of blankies.

Then these two decided to hang out together and watch the movie.

Felix is not to happy. This picture makes me laugh to much not to post.

He rules the roost currently.