Monday, January 14, 2013

Felix the Fun

Felix, bless his heart, is so moldable. He just let's us mess with him and he's so happy in the process. He's my happiest and most laid back baby.

He's got 2 teeth, is starting to try to pull himself up, and stands assisted for quite some time! My baby is growing up! He eats 2 meals a day of baby food and eats Mum Mums like they're going out of style. This is on top of breastfeeding....which I heard would decrease with the addition of food. Yeah right. We're still nursing every 2 hours....

I enjoy the bonding time and am actually getting anxious for when I have to ween! However, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want my body back, haha. Felix did have his first taste of formula around the New Year. I've just gotten sick of pumping. It's been so inconvenient that one day I only brought over 2 bags to daycare and Donna had to supplement one bottle with formula. It was a little heart breaking, since we've been exclusive and its been my first successful bout with nursing. But its lifted a bit of stress off of my shoulders. Its one less thing I'm trying to be in control of. I've realized its okay to get a formula bottle from time to time, its not the end of the world! I pump enough for George to have when I'm at school/work, but I definitely can't be hooking myself up 4-5 times a day. It's been too much with everything else in my life.

Felix is just such  joy, but I'm not prepared for him being so grown up already. It's all happened so quickly!

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