Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beebs Update

Daddy and Big Brother got to hear the heartbeat at yesterday's appointment! 160 bpm! Nice and strong. Nothing else exciting happened but if I don't write down the little things, I'll forget! I did lose 2 lbs which is very weird to me bc of how much and how fast I gained with Oliver. Haha.

Oh and anatomy scan is scheduled for June 15th! I want to move it up a week, so perhaps it'll be sooner!!! Either way, just a few more weeks until we know the gender!


I felt the baby kick at the appointment!!! I've been feeling what feels like flutters the last few days. I've also been feeling gas, and yes I know there's a difference! My gas is always up high where there is no baby yet so it's a dead give away that it's not the baby. The flutters are always way down low. And by 'always' I mean the last 3-4 days!

The actual full on kick happened when my OB pressed the doppler into my pelvic region to pick up the heart beat. The minute she dug it in, I got this big kick back like, "Hey don't squish me, I'm in here!" The kick wasso hard I flinched!

This whole second pregnancy thing is quite amusing.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oliver Says,"Brush Your Teeth!"

I told him to act happier about brushing. This burst of excitement is what I got:

Oliver's Bathroom

A few weeks ago we finally finished getting Oliver's (and the new baby's) bathroom all decorated! We wanted to go with something gender neutral-ish but still fun. I love the fishys and the vibrant blues!

Oliver says, "I love my bathroom!"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Predict The Gender

We posted a link on the left hand side, under Beebs' pregnancy ticker, to guess the gender of the new baby.

Most know we really want a girl. And the Chinese Gender Predictor predicts a girl! It predicted Oliver would be a boy! So, here's hoping...

Have fun with it and post your true gut feeling. Don't be nice bc you think I'll be happy! Haha. And be nice predicting the weight, height, and date of birth. Haha. I don't want to go a week overdue again! And no 9 pounders either. Think LITTLE baby. :]


Silly Billy

Oliver is such a silly boy. Here he is playing with his new ball. And yes that is a Tasmanian Devil shirt. And yes it fits his personality to a T!

13 Weeks

Welp here I am. Huuuuge compared to Oliver. Haha.

Here's me at 15 weeks with Oliver. Don't mind the face! It was the only picture I could find on this computer and I DID NOT want to look on any of the others!

Overall though I'm really happy with my belly and I don't mind it one bit. We'll see how it progresses throughout the next 6 months! I haven't gained any weight though! With Ollie I had already gained 10 lbs by now.

Here's a picture just for fun. Oliver will not pose for a cute picture.Or anypicture for that matter. Haha.

Monday, April 19, 2010

See He Likes To Help Out!


A Little Intellectual Time.. the nude.

I'm also very pleasantly surprised that Oliver is taking an interest in books again. He's sort of on and off. I tried really pushing them on him when he was a baby, but he didn't like them at all so I just kinda gave up and figured he'd like them in time. I keep them in his bookcase and low and behold, the last few days he's been plucking them out and bringing them to me. We look at the pictures and he really likes it. Especially now since he knows what more things are, I feel as though he knows what he's looking at so it's become more enjoyable. We're not to the point of reading what's on the pages but he likes to point out animals mostly. Either way I'd rather he take an interest on his own than have Mommy and Daddy push it down his throat and he hate them in the future because of it.

I'm a book nerd and I'd like to pass that down!!! :]

Bath Time

I grit through the sickness to TRY to take some pictures of Oliver. I think these turned out okay. He still refuses to give up any nice straight on, smile shots. Oh well, I'll just keep trying.

This one was such a pleasant surprise. Except I can't keep him from sticking his tongue out! Silly.

He was kissing his reflection. Haha. He LOVES giving kisses lately. For NO reason. I hope this sticks for awhile. :]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Giving a Toddler Condiments...

like perhaps Ketchup to compliment the tater tots,

Bad Idea. :]

The Olden Days...

This was Oliver asleep in his car seat 2 days ago.

This is Oliver at 8 days old fidgeting in his car seat.

George and I just looked at each other in awe when we were headed home a few days ago and just thought it was uncanny how much he looked like when he was an infant!

How fast they grow...


The Ever Popular Babcia.

Not Too Happy.

Daddy likes to put things into Ollie's pockets so he becomes conscious of them. He was not amused today.:]

12 weeks!

I've never been so light headed, dizzy, and overall yucky feeling! The nausea has gotten better-ish. But man, this kid is mean.:]


Look at him blowing bubbles with his mouth! Haha. He can get them pretty big now!

Mr. Oliver was quite proud of himself. :]

Mowing the Lawn.

I'm not kidding when I say he likes to help out!


Now that the weather has been a bit nicer, Oliver has been able to explore the out doors. He likes to walk up to potted plants and throw the dirt out. Then he rubs it in his hair. Oh boy...


Ollie spent the day helping Babcia and Dzia Dzia in the backyard.

Sucking On Some Toes

Oliver can be such a weird little boy sometimes. We caught him doing this in the car a few days ago.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been so strong not giving Ollie a binky. But after last night's throwing up episode, I thought I'd give it to him as a 'just in case' at day care.

All I wanted was to get some cute pictures without the binkers, but he ran right up to get it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tis the Life of a Mommy

I have been extremely fortunate to have the husband that I have when it comes to parenthood. George has been on the front lines of almost every single diaper blow out, puke fest, and poop in the tub, to name a FEW. I don't do so well with bodily fluids that come with putrid odor...

Breast milk fed baby poops = fine!
Newborn spit up = fine!
Toddler diarrhea = GAG...
Chunky puke in the crib = DOUBLE GAG...

Anyway, I had just put Oliver down tonight for bedtime, 10 minutes later I heard a tiny bit of choking and a small cough. My first instinct was to run to my baby. [These are not noises I hear very often]
Let's just say there was chunky vomit covering EVERYTHING in the crib. Pillow, 5 blankets, stuffed animals, pajamas, face. I pick him out of it and he upchucks all over the carpet.

Just my luck. Long story short, I cleaned it up as best I could without throwing up. [Have I mentioned my pregnancy nausea has not subsided AT ALL yet?]
And I have never realized how much I love my husband for always taking on this kind of stuff bc he knows how queasy I am.

I love you honey. Really wish you were here tonight. :]

Beebs' Heartbeat!

I had an appointment today and I got to hear baby's heart beat for the first time! I thought they were gonna wait til my OB was back from vacation next week to do it, but the nurse said she'd do it anyway! If I would have known I would have had George come. I'm a little bummed he missed it! That's okay bc there's always next appointment in a week and a half!!!

I also scheduled my anatomy ultrasound for the second week of June. SUPER stoked to find out the gender!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Eating With a Fork

The longer video didn't want to upload so here's a glimpse of Ollie using his fork to eat Sloppy Joes. Like he needs to eat foods with 'sloppy' in the title. Haha.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Beebs 2.0

Here is me at 11 weeks. Thought I'd start now since I started at 11 weeks with Oliver! I have a ton of bloat! It began about 3 days ago. I just always feel like I'm sticking my tummy out all the way. But still totally fit in regulr clothes so there! :]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

15 Month Stats

Oliver is:

24 lbs 9 oz
32.25 inches

He did not have a pleasant time at the pedi's.He cried the minute they called his name. He usually loves the doctor. We'll see if this was just a fluke or if this the beginning of a new fear...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beebs Update

Officially the baby is going by Beebs. Oliver is Beeber. Don't get them confused. :]

We are thinking its a girl. My instincts about Oliver were true, so I'm going with my gut unless proven otherwise.

I'm fascinated by the distinct differences between my first pregnancy and this one. Just in 10 weeks it has been a complete 180:

-I'm nauseous 100% of the time.
-I don't like to eat and I've lost about 10 lbs.
-I only want to eat fruit and goldfish crackers.
-Even water makes me want to throw up.
-I want to sleep constantly.

I was very fatigued with Oliver but its been a lot easier this time around bc I can't sleep whenever I want. I have to keep up with Ollie so I'm running on adrenaline most of the time. Thankfully Ollie Bollie goes to bed at 7pm every night and I'm in bed shortly thereafter!

My pregnancy with Oliver included only fatigue. Literally no nausea or anything else. He was EASY compared to this baby.

Oh and on a side note, the ultrasound was so great. I cried bc 10 weeks is far enough along where Beebs was flailing it's little arms and legs. Constantly moving, this one was. It was really special. Heart beat was 179 bpm. Definitely getting a workout in my belly!

Easter 2010

Coloring eggs on Friday.

Oliver got a cool dump truck from the Easter Bunny.

Oliver is usually so good in public, today was just not one of his best days. Church was hectic and all day he's been moody. I hope its just a tooth or something...

Baby #2

We found out February 21st! The day before Daddy's birthday. Really hard to keep it on the down low, but really wanted to surprise our parents with an ultrasound pic! Perfect timing because we pulled it off today, Easter!

We're due October 29th and this u/s pic is exactly 10 weeks done on April 1st!:]

Saturday, April 3, 2010

15 Months!

It just hit me that Oliver is 15 whole months old today. Wow.

He's actually becoming an even happier baby than before. I feel like he's constantly exploding in laughter. Everything is funny to him and I wouldn't want it any other way! We've always been really encouraging parents and anything he does we applaud and laugh about. I think happiness is a great part of life and if you have the chance to exhibit it...DO IT!

He's a great listener. Daddy taught him to take his shoes off when he comes home. He'll tell Ollie to sit down and take his shoes off, and he does! He even knows where to put them after he takes them off. Then when he knows we're going somewhere, he runs to get his shoes!

Remember that laughter I mentioned? Well he knows when and how to use it when he's being bad.... It's really tough to put your foot down about something when your kid is so damn cute. :]

Tooth #12?

I think. I'm losing track at this point!. Another molar though. NO fuss. I'm actually not minding the molars one bit without any teething symptoms!


Bath Time