Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010

This picture was taken at the beginning of 2010 at Oliver's 1st birthday party. It's funny to think that one year ago things were so different. No Scarlett and still a blonde..boy how things have changed. :] It really is fun to look at the past to really appreciate how much better the present is. 2010 was good to us!!

This year has been amazing to our little family..more like growing family.:]

Oliver turned one whole year old, Mommy got her big girl job that actually utilizes having her degree [yeah bad economy, you're not getting me down], we got pregnant and had our beautiful, little girl, Scarlett, and Daddy landed a great new job just before the year ended. We are so grateful for what this year has given us and I can't think how we could have lived it better.

I can't imagine what 2011 will entail but we're ready and willing to takes it's ups and downs.

Bring it 2011...and I can promise you there will be no babies.:] You'll just have to wait for 2012....

Thanks Uncle Pat and Aunt Erika

Oliver loves his Christmas present! It's a funny coincidence that he got this very Power Wheels...[see below]

This is last year before Christmas. We were doing some shopping and we stumbled upon this. It's ALMOST identical. It's a green Kawasaki but it's not powered. We were so close to buying it but we said we'd wait for next year. Thanks Pat and Erika, it's just what Ollie needed especially with his love affair with cars!!!

Sleepig Boy!

I haven't posted any sleeping pictures of Oliver in a long time! I forgot I took this pic so don't worry, his hair didn't grow back all of a sudden!

So Ollie has this 'tick' where he needs to bring certain toys to his room for nap time and bed time. We've always been pretty big on no toys in the bedroom to keep it focused as a place to sleep not play, so I think this is his answer to not losing his toys...:] Just look at all of his favorite toys in the pic below.
He brings them in and always places them in the same places. Developmentally I know it is normal for toddlers this age to not understand the concept of things staying the same as they sleep, so they compensate by bringing them to bed as a way to assure themselves these things will be there when they wake up. It's just so funny to watch how serious Oliver is about placing each toy in it's specific spot. You can't distract him or he gets mad!

And notice the green tin bucket on the ground. He keeps all of his brand new cars he got for Christmas in there. I couldn't believe it when I noticed him picking apart his cars one day; I had put all of his little cars in there, new and old. George [bc he knows these things] told me he was throwing out all of the old cars from the bucket. How cool is it that he realizes the differences and is grouping his toys. I know I'm his mom and I'm supposed to think this, but that is really smart!!!

Peek A Boo

In her Moby with Daddy. :]

Monday, December 27, 2010

Baking Cookies!

Oliver was an awesome helper! A little over zealous at times, as always, but still great!

We made SUPER easy peanut butter cookies. And they were SUPER tasty.

If you're interested:

1 egg
1 cup sugar
1 cup peanut butter [creamy or chunky]

Mix together and bake on 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

Add one chocolate chip in the middle for added amazingness. Super easy and really great recipe to involve your child in. :]

1st Hair Cut

We went from this:

To this:

Holy Moly!!! Yeah, totally different baby!
[This happened on 12/27, Oliver's due date. Little coincidence:)]

I didn't get to go to the haircut but Daddy took him and documented it very well!
Oliver didn't cry at all! He just went through sucker after sucker. It's the blow dryer that made him cry finally!!!

Of course he sat in the fire truck:

Still doing great:

Uh oh!

SO In Love with My Kids!

Oliver is so caring and loving. Not for long, but when he is, that is the epitome of love for me. :)

Poor Baby Girl

Why does she need the bassinet?

Oliver's cars and trucks need a place to sleep.

And I'm not joking when I say this. Scarlett had to sleep in her car seat because the vehicles were more important. And he later tucked them in with a blanket. Yeah.

Ciocia Karolina

Or Shaya as he pronounces it. He is starting to say it correctly more often.

You Know He's Polish

...cuz he LOVES sausages. :]]]

We started him young. 7 weeks already eating it...okay maybe not eating, but looking at it.

Bribing My Son

Yup I've resorted to bribing with food to get a picture with him. I have all these amazing pictures with Miss Scarlett but none with Ollie. Makes me kinda sad.

But of course Oliver always has his mouth full. Haha. Otherwise its the back of his head. We'll never win!!!

Tummy Time

Scarlett is so much different than her brother. She LOVES tummy time. Not for extended periods of time, but it takes her a while before she starts whining. You would flip Oliver over and he would start screaming before he was all the way on his belly!

Holy Moly the Similarity!

Scarlett two days ago:

Oliver in March of 2009.

This is both of them at almost the exact same age. They look so much alike!

Scarlett's New Toy

I just have to say that my daughter is so darn cute. Trying to pick just one picture to post was impossible. She is so photogenic and so beautiful! Anyway, this is her playing with her new toy she got from Santa. She LOVES it! It plays music and she really focuses on it when she hears it. ;]

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Here are some of Scarlett's goodies. Though she is barely 2 and a half months old, this was her 1st Christmas and we were gonna make it special [for us, haha].
She got binkies, rattles, blankets, and some clothes. What more does a baby need? Haha. She did get one big toy I cannot wait to try out! I'll post pictures of her playing with it soon!

Oliver and his massive Fire Truck. He loves it. He has more fire trucks then any other kid I know. Haha. Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Cars, Tonka, he has one [or more] in every brand. But he LOVES them and plays with them all.

Scarlett getting burped. Let's just say that 2 little ones at Christmas is a handful, and 4 hands is not enough!! How ever shall we do another one? Oh well, that's the adventure in life I'm willing to explore. :]

CANDY. That was what he said before he even finished unwrapping. Haha. The amount of chocolate and candy he's had over the last 2 days is reportable. Haha. I'm pretty sure it's looked down upon but oh well, it's CHRISTMAS!

Uh oh!

Someone fell asleep in a really awkward position on the way home from mass.

Mom and Dad

We tried to keep 2009 classy..

2010, though, was a little bit more crazy!

Somehow we're still in love. :)

My Sweet Baby Girl!

I never thought I could love another child the way I love Oliver. Well it's definitely possible. I love her so much. She is such a little sweetheart!

Babi and Dzia Dzia

I'm a bit saddened by the lack of photos of Oliver. He will not sit still for a picture and the ones I get are the back of his head. :( But Scarlett on the other hand is at that stage where you can get great photos of her!

Here are some of her and my parents. :)

What a Difference a Year Makes

2009 with Santa

2010 with the same Santa

Wrapping Paper

Of course we had to get the Cars wrapping paper when we found it!

Christmas Eve Dinner

For those of you who don't know, in Polish tradition, we have the big dinner and open presents on Christmas Eve.

Here's some pictures from dinner. Oliver spilled his Sparkling Cider all over himself so he ate naked. Hahaha. Lukily we had some extra clothes for him to wear other than his nice church outfit that we put on him later.

Who needs delicious Polish food when he had candy canes and satsumas?