Monday, September 28, 2009

Our free Session.

We were at the mall on Saturday and we passed by a portrait studio. We've been wanting to get some family photos done so we thought we'd go in and inquire about prices. [It can get spendy] I don't have a lot of experience with places like this, so this can be a common occurance, but they offered to take some pictures of Oliver for free and we could walk away with one picture for free whether we bought a package or not. We thought, hey, why not?

It wasn't planned so we of course didn't have all of the cute outfit changes, etc. But it was a hot day and we had just bought him monster slippers. We thought this pic was really cute. So many to choose from though.

P.S. Like I mentioned in the western photo post, this kid can't get enough of the camara. He was being really cranky and fidgety, but the moment he saw that camara and was in front of the lights he was ALL smiles!

Puyallup fair Photo Booth.

Same expression:
Mouth wide open. :]

Las Vegas Pictures.

Alright, so 2 months later I have finally managed to gets some original pics onto a CD so i can share them with everyone! These are some from Las Vegas. The Western ones were done at Circus Circus. So much fun they were! Oh and these were the first photos taken with Oliver's brand spanken new second tooth that had sprouted the day after the wedding.

This one was done at the Stratoshere. We're starting a tradition of doing these photo booth pictures with Oliver! Look at his face in all of them!He had no idea what was going on.

This is all of us. All the Buchanan men and us two poor girls married/marrying into the family. Ha.

Our family as would be seen back in the day. Is that Oliver making frieds with Jack?

This is all the boys. They look so tough. I love it. :]

And saving the best for last....:] These are pretty self explanatory. You put our child in front of a camara and he hams it up! He had people stopping and watching him as they passed bc he's so charming. I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I've never been so in love!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Apparently Oliver learned how to make bubbles with his lips today. I heard him all of a sudden make a weird noise over and over again. It was bubbles. Somehow he figured if he has enough spit on his lips and he opens them up, it creates a bubble. Ha. Funny child. :]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tooth #3

It cut through yesterday. It's his top left one. The right one looks VERY close to cutting too! Yikes. I can't imagine Bubba with top teeth. Ha.

Monday, September 21, 2009

OH by the way!

The famous little blue sun glasses that were such a staple this summer have been lost.
Darn Puyallup Fair.
It was a good couple of months and Ollie would have cried a whole lot more without them.

Some updates.

It's been a whirlwind of a month. I've been enjoying my last break before starting my last quarter of college! Hence not a whole lot of updating. But Oliver sure has been doing a lot!

Oliver can hold his own bottle and he even recently learned to tip it up to get more milk. AND when it accidently slips out of his mouth, he's learned to put it back in. There was a tiny struggle with that at the beginning!

We still don't offer him his sippy too often but when we do, he's a champ at handling it.

Oliver is quite the balancer! He likes to let go when he's standing up and he's been known to stand for a long time before falling down.

He understands "No" very well. He's beginning to learn his boundries. The house really isn't baby proofed, but I'm not a huge believer in too much proofing bc let's face it..I can't protect him from everything [we've got a safety gate at the stairs and we move things off the table so he can't reach and pull them off]. It helps when he knows mommy and daddy mean it. He'll just look up and see our stern faces and back off. Hahaha. It's so tough to keep a straight face esp when he looks so precious doing bad things! But the positive thing is that he doesn't even look up sometimes, he just backs off. Its only bc he's already heard no enough. For example he knows not to touch the Game Cube or climb on the entertainment center. :] Like a puppy I tell ya.

He's an accomplished climber. He can climb all the way to the top of the stairs and everything else that's climbable. The couch is far too high but he's tried to climb his music table!

He's a pro at finger foods. He can pick them up and put them in his mouth all by himself. He's even been working on bigger foods that require him to take a bite first, chew, swallow, and repeat. I'm really proud of him bc I was the one so frightened of him choking!

We tried blueberries, strawberries and chicken from a burrito too. No choking. Yay for mommy's nerves!

He's learned that things hide under other things. I don't know how long he's been experimenting, buy I observed him lifting up the edge of the carpet and hiding a flat alphabet connector thingy underneath. The he comes back to it and tries to coordinate lifting up the carpet with one hand and grabbing the toy with the other. He's getting better!

I think that's all. At least all I can think of. He's really turing into a great kid and I can't believe he's so close to 1! I really love him more every single day! No one puts a bigger smile on my face than Oliver!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Okay, Mommy's been bad and hasn't posted in awhile. I'vehad these pics laying around all month. Time to post!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

8 months old today!!!!

Happy boy!

This is his scared face. He's been standing up and letting go of whatever he's holding just to get scared not knowing why he's not falling. This kid has some killer balance. Ugh, first steps here we come...

Loves his music.

One handed? Of course I can.

In addition to being a great stander with some awesome balance, he's now mastered 'down'. Just like a puppy, I taught him how to get back down from a standing position. He would get stuck all the time and cry, so I'm glad he caught on. Now he just croaches (crowches? I have no idea how to spell this. Brain fart.) for the fun of it!

These are from the middle of August

Teething biscuits are dangerous now bc he takes bites. No choking please. I'm CPR certified but not with my own child. Too nervous!

I can't believe this was comfortable