Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Last 2-ish Months (Recap)

Yup, doing worse updating than I thought I'd do. So I don't forget things, I'm just lumping in a bunch of pictures in one post with little descriptions! I feel like now that I have all of these kids, memories are happening every second, milestones are almost daily, and I don't want to forget a thing.

Impossible, it is to remember it all.

But I still try to document. I know in 20 years I'll be happy I did this. :)

1st time at the Flight Museum. He loves the Bjorn.

Oliver has had a hard time going to sleep at the time he is supposed to. We find him in all sorts of places and in interesting positions. This has got to be my favorite...SO FAR.

Haha, I took a whole series of these. These 2 really get along. I love Felix's deer in the headlights face...

Fulfilling my mommy duties. Birthday train rides in Pasco in 100 degree weather, sign me up!

Not only can Felix flip over, now at 3 months, he is really working on hand-eye coordination. He can grab toys and put them in his mouth! It's funny how proud I can be of little achievements!

The older ones always have to test drive everything for their brother.

They claim they are "helping".

Slides are a big deal. Parks are a big deal. That jean jacket was a hit.

Again with the weird sleeping positions....

The kids are always so thoughtful. They like to pick my lots of flowers. Oliver likes to remind me that he thinks I'm pretty.

This was Oliver leading me to the park. We were on a mommy-son date. I got the opportunity to spend a little bit of alone time with my two older kids on a few occasions. MUCH needed to quench their attention needs, and I get to learn a lot more about them.

This is Oliver in a big blow up, jumpy slide. He was so reluctant to try it. He would go in a little, hit an obstacle, and run out. He is a perfectionist in public. If he doubts he can do something correctly the first time, he bails. He will refuse to attempt things while others are watching. It took a few times, and me "ignoring" what he was doing before he made it through the obstacles and down the slide. This personality trait was one I hoped not to pass on to my kids...I am the same. I am very used to be successful right away in all that I try (has been like that since childhood), so I am easily discouraged if I fail at first. Now I am cognizant of this and am far more optimistic and forgiving, but as a child I hated anything that I didn't perfect right from the get go. That's why signing up Oliver for activities is near impossible...I'm going to have to wait until he tells me what he wants, otherwise it will be one huge fight, and a lot of money lost!

He is already exploring his feet. Also, Felix is my first kid that doesn't mind the grass. Oliver and Scarlett FREAKED out when encountering grass on their skin for the first time. Must be a Fall/Winter baby thing. :)

Oliver is super into forts, secret hideouts/caves, etc. He also got into superheros and thinks if he is covered by a blanket, he is invisible! It's all about the super powers and muscles!

Felix is just cute. The end.

Wade pool at Lincoln Park. Lots of swimming was done then Oliver cut his toe on the cement. About 30 minutes of crying and wanting Bacia and Dzia Dzia (who needs mom and dad, ha), We finally left and realized he wasn't being too dramatic. He sliced a chunk off the tip of his toe. It. Was. Gross.

Mid sneeze. Cutest baby in the world.

The first time Scarlett noticed my toe nail polish was after I got a pedicure at 36 weeks pregnant. Ever since then she begged me to paint her nails. I finally did do it once I knew she could handle sitting still to let them dry. Now she loves getting the colors changed and adding sparkles, etc. She what I call a girly tomboy!

Lots of toe holding going on! Soon he'll be sticking those tootsies in his mouth! My favorite!!

We were at Costco and walked past the Halloween costumes (for sale in August, oh man). Oliver decided he wanted to be Spiderman. I had no idea he knew who that was, or what he was about. Somehow he knows and ever since we let him try on the costume, he has been going through his superhero phase. The saddest part was denying Scarlett a costume. She loves everything her brother does, so naturally she wanted to be a superhero also. Unfortunately the smallest size was a 4T and she couldn't fit in that if she tried. I offered her a little princess dress but she made it VERY clear that that was not desirable!! I'm going to make her a superhero for Halloween so she'll get to save people with Oliver. :)

Very typical in our house. Always taking things to the extreme. Jumping off of the furniture or each other. I have a feeling if Scarlett was older my house would be a lot quieter and I'd be kissing a lot less boo boos.

This happened.

I started weaning Scarlett off of binkys. First I secretly cut the top off of one and conveniently left it to be found. It was deduced that it had "popped" by the kids. Here is Oliver trying to fix it with his tool set. So far 2 have "popped". I'm pretty positive these binkies will keep popping until they're all gone....

Felix fell asleep mi-flip.

They never cease to find way to entertain the household.

I hate that this is blurry, but it is indicative of what the reality of parenting 3 kids 3 and under is like. Attention is sparse and they all come calling at the same time.

Scarlett is trying to force me to potty train her. I feel so bad because I should be following her cues more closely. She's been practically begging to potty train for the last 6 months. The pregnancy and work/school schedule tired me out then, and now I want to wait until Felix can be left alone for longer chunks of time so I can sacrifice more time with just Scarlett. Here she had refused her diaper so Oliver offered her his undies. I am now on a mission to buy her her own pack! She seems to be getting it and running to the potty...Hopefully I can get her out of diaper in 2 days like I did with Oliver...

Here she is on her frog. She'll run around the house naked and sit on it periodically.

Her she is taking over Felix's jumperoo. She wasn't too fond of it as a is a different story!

Here she is squeezing into one leg hole!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Defiant Mr. Oliver

Wow, have the kids been crazy lately. I honestly thought Scarlett would have a harder time with Felix joining the family, but I think its Oliver that I overlooked...

When we first brought the baby home, everything was okay. Scarlett needed some extra attention, but I was relatively surprised at how easy it was. Fast forward one month after Felix arrived. I had to take the kids out of daycare, as I was transitioning to being a SAHM. Oliver began realizing that Scarlett is an equal playmate, not a baby anymore. Mommy also is always holding this new kid all the time.

Oliver has become more aggressive, more energetic, and more defiant to name a few. It's almost as if he likes being yelled at and put in time-out....

I keep having to remind myself that part of it is the age and where he is developmentally, but he is also going through some issues: Daily routine has changed, he lost a baby sister who is now a big girl, he doesn't get to see his friends anymore, and there is a new baby in the house.

As much as I remind myself that he is just at a weird phase he needs to sort out, I am having a VERY rough time with the spitting, hitting, biting, licking, screaming, etc. Of course these are not behaviors I want sticking around (though Scarlett is picking them up, ugh), but mostly I am shocked to see my sweet, shy, little boy turn into somewhat of a jerk....

My sweetheart is a jerk...yeah, I said it. Hahhaa. Ultimately I am ready for this phase to pass!!!!!

Scarlett Is Talking

About 2-3 weeks ago Scarlett went from only saying:

Dzia Dzia

and refusing to repeat words, to talking all at once.

Now she repeats (or tries to) any word you throw at her. She also has a slew of words/phrases she says daily. So I don't forget, I'm going to make a list of what I remember:

Dzia Dzia
wa-wa (water)
Ya-Ya (Ollie...yeah, weird, haha)
Cheese (please)
Tek oooo (thank you)
I oh uuu (I love you)
Fe-Fe (Felix)
Bink (Binky)
Nana (banana)
Ni-Ni (night night)
Bye Bye

As I'm making this list, I realize she really has a LARGE list of words. Haha, there are more, but I know it'll take up a lot of space. But this is nicely reaffirming that she, as Ollie was, is one of those kids that started talking all at once!

Oliver had about 5 words he was using at 18 months, then started talking all at once at 20 months (about the time Scarlett showed up). Scarlett is now 22 months and when she still wasn't talking part of me had a teeny bit of worry, but the other part of me remembered that Scarlett had only Polish spoken to her at daycare for a year and a half. She was clearly confused and trying to make sense of the language, again, as Oliver had. She has been home with me all day for 2 months now (no daycare) and I think the influx of only one language made it all make sense!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

All 3

I like getting all my kids in one shot.

Felix Overload!!

Have I mentioned how in love I am with this little boy?
Well, then you know I need to show him off!

Really I just love all the little silly faces he makes.

Oh, and his chubs. Can he be any rounder?

Felix 2 Months

My Boog Boog turned 2 months old on July 26th! Even as a third time mom, it is incredible how fast babies grow up. I feel like I was just whining about being 6 days overdue, and on day 3 of early labor. Ugh...

But he's growing into such a fine little fellow. I'm absolutely in love.

July Flashback

I've been slacking! But I've been busy with a lot of school work this quarter! So here are a few pictures from July that I really enjoy!