Monday, January 31, 2011

She Cracks Me Up

Bath Time

This is the most exhausting time of the day but we're getting really good at managing. There are days where I don't know how I survived without George's help every night. Two kids is definitely logistically challenging but at the core of it, it's fun. :]

I can tell that Scarlett ADORES Oliver. She watches him anytime she has a good view and the minute she hears his voice she perks up. Amazing how a 3, almost 4 month old can exude love in this manner. It's really fascinating from a human perspective and of course as a mom! Oliver tries to pretend like he's too cool for her, but at the end of every night he has to "kiss baby, kiss!!!" It's to the point now that he will not go to bed or nap time without giving her a kiss. He is such a loving big brother. :]



Yup, He's Normal...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bows, Bows, Bows

I wanted to post the lady bug bow again, but on Scarlett's head this time and this pink one I made today. I realized the button and the ribbon were really close in color so it kind of blends in. But you live, you learn, so next time I'll be more aware. Either way I'm not trying to pretend that I'm some super, amazing, bow maker! I'm doing it for fun and out of boredom. It's fun to be creative...and the sewing has been quite the experience. Easier but harder than I had imagined! Either way I love making these for her. :]

Adorable Scarlett

I love when they are this age! I've said it before, but I'll say it again...when babies can't move much there are so many pictures to be taken. When they get to Oliver's age..or at least when they can run, pictures are really hard to get!!

I was testing out the new tutu. It's a bit long, so I'm going to tweak it and use the extra tulle I have to make a head band! She was not impressed by this. :]

She is such a happy baby. :] I love her chubby belly and those little elf ears. :]

My darling sleeper. She loves her little monkey lovey and she's FINALLY taking to Oliver's old Avent binkies. The one she has in her mouth is a 0-3 month one and I think that her little mouth is finally big enough for it.

Forgot This One.

This is Ollie absolutely pooped after the Museum. It takes a lot for him to sleep before bedtime but after nap. This is a rare sight!

Seattle Children's Museum

I thought it would be bigger, but it was pretty fun nonetheless.

Taaaa Daaaahh!

Here's my tutu almost done. :]

And here's my bow! I sewed lady bug buttons to it. Still debating whether or not to cover the elastic with a colored ribbon. :]

In Her Own Crib!

My baby girl slept in her crib for the first time Thursday night! She did great, we put her down at 8 right after we put Oliver down and she fell asleep and slept through the night!

We wanted to put her in her crib a lot sooner, like right at 3 months but I was afraid that we wouldn't get the fabulous sleep we've been getting. Since the kids share a room I was afraid that if Oliver woke up, he'd wake Scarlett up. Oliver can go back to sleep if he wakes himself up, but Scarlett sometimes needs a little extra love since she can't just put a binky back in her mouth!

I was dreading having to get out of bed in the middle of the night since we've been spoiled with both kids being amazing sleepers. But it's looking like we'll be okay. :]

She is amazing!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bow Maker in the Making..?

Like after working full time, taking care of my kids, and considering FINALLY, maybe applying for my Masters, I have time to make stuff...haha...but alas no chaos in life is bad in Izabella Land.

So since George and I took turns being sick and feverish this weekend I was unable to pick up the supplies I needed to start my little operation. Out of sheer boredom once the kids went down, I went ghetto rogue.

Some left over ribbon, string, and a pair of scissors made this:

Just imagine a button or decorative accent in the middle and I've made a ribbon flower that I will eventually attach to a head band for Scarlett! Yup. I'm telling you, I can't sit around with nothing to do...

I've also got cloth flowers in the line up and singed organza/chiffon flowers. Some of this actually needs a NEEDLE and THREAD. As in I'm going to SEW. Yeah, me. I'm just as baffled as you are.

Also next weekend is tutu experimentation. :]]]

I'm so excited. I never realized how graduating from college and being without homework would make me crazy. :] A good crazy?

Someone's Teething..

Uh oh. We've got a gnaw-er. Miss Scarlett hasn't been too cranky as of yet, but she is showing potential.

Here's what I see a lot...angry chewing...

Speaking Polish

You really can't underestimate your kids when it comes to language. I have been a horrible model is speaking Polish consistenly around him, but thank the Lord for daycare! Danusia, as I told her to do, speaks almost exclusively in Polish to Oliver every day. Not all of the kids there are Polish so she does use a lot of English as well. Oliver really only speaks in English but he really does understand when you speak Polish to him. SO COOL. He also randomly uses Polish words which makes me so happy.

In this picture he is carrying around his "misia". If you know Polish then you know that is the wrong tense, but he runs around saying 'misia' 'misia' 'misia'. I'll take it. :]


Scarlett loves her jumperoo. :]

And this is proof her little tootsies don't touch. Someone had mentioned that they couldn't believe she was so big already that she fit the jumperoo. Nope, just an illusion.

This is her stretching and a little bit of help from me pushing down. She likes when her feet touch the ground, she automatically launches herself up.

And this is big brother, as usual, showing her the ropes. He was modeling the banana that hangs down. :]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I took Scarlett to the doctor today and she weighs 12 lbs 12 ozs!!! That's almost a whole 2 pounds in a little over a month! Wow, she really did go through a growth spurt.

Though Oliver has an ear infection...Boooooooo.

Here are some pics from today. No Oliver sadly bc he was soooo sick and cranky!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chunky Chunks!

Sick Baby Girl

She's been so yucky feeling the last 2 days. I feel like I have a colicky baby again, her tears have been relentless. If she's not feeding or taking a cat nap, she's screaming. I've been losing my patience all day long and I feel horrible for it. :[[[

I did get a few moments throughout the day to calm her down but this was the one time she actually smiled and laughed! SO glad I had my camera!!! One[okay, two] word[s]: BABY LEGS!!!

Oliver was wondering what was going on! Scarlett never hangs out in her crib!

Haha, yeah...

3 Month Pictures

Every month I like to take a cute face shot! It took a couple tries this time, which is VERY unlike Scarlett. I think she may have an ear time soon. :(

Anyway...Here are a couple pics:

Here's Ollie being a big help picking out [and trying on] bows!

The blue one was his first choice.

Here are my favorite pics from when she was happiest longest...and that was 5 minutes TOPS.

I made this head band. I bought the flower ready-made but I did apply it to the elastic. I'm gonna work my way to making the flowers myself. :]]]

And here's a total FAIL from Saturday the 15th, her actual 3rd month day. I couldn't get her happy at all. 2 crappy days in row definitely means she must be sick!!! She still has slept thru the night though, thank you Jesus!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


My growing boy has been doing so much lately in his development, I can't keep up.

He is talking so much! Almost in full sentences too. He says new words everyday, like today he said, "Daddy get the groceries." Groceries? Yeah, I didn't know he could say that either!

He refers to himself in third person. It's getting a bit better fortunately. He actually says 'my' instead of Ollie...the 'I' is harder. Where he used to say "Ollie's sissy", "Ollie's monster truck"...he then said "Ollie my shoes" as a combination, and now he's just saying "My book." But we're still working on fixing "Ollie hungry", "Ollie pooped", "Ollie help"...Hahaha.

He's getting more sociable. He's always been very standoffish as to test out his surroundings. Now I'm noticing him being more responsive to strangers.

I don't remember the last time I gave him a sippy! Cups are definitely in. I think he may still use a sippy at daycare, understandably!

The binky is still around, but still only for sleeping. I hoping to start weaning soon.

He's been waking up in the mornings with a dry, or mostly dry diaper more often then not. I think we'll be getting ready to potty train soon. I'm so glad that I won't have to do as much work as daycare will. I know that sounds horrible, but the one thing I hate most about parenting is potty training. Ugh, I hate thinking about it.

He is still my master sleeper. Sleeps like a rock, all night long. :]

He can count to 3 on a regular basis, but he's made it to 5 on his own. :] He also knows circles and triangles. He can point out the color red, that's not an every time thing, but I'm still amazed by him. :]

He doesn't watch much TV, but his favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street [its all about Elmo], and Spongebob. The Toy Story movies are getting to be his next favorite after Cars. He's fallen in love with Woody and plays with a Woody doll every day at daycare.

3 Whole Months

Welp, I guess there's no stopping it, my little baby is slowly growing up. :]

She is so much fun, and so calm! I grow more and more amazed with her everyday. We had a babyshower for two of my coworkers earlier this week and I was so surprised at how wonderfully she behaved as she was passed around to everyone. Not one peep!!! To some of you this may come as no big deal, but when you had a baby like Oliver who was colicky and cried at every little thing...this is quite welcome!!! She still only wants to be in a sitting or standing position. We just recently took Ollie's old Jumperoo out and she loves it. She's a bit small for it, but she loves being in an upright position[and I don't have to hold her!] and observe her big brother.

I cannot wait to see her grow and develop! Soon we'll be sitting unassisted, crawling, then walking!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Happy Birthday Song

Well Ollie sure did learn the Happy Birthday song from his birthday party!

He put a couple little balls into the underside of a Frisbee; this was a makeshift cake!

Then he would start singing..."Happy Birthday..." and wait for me to join in. Haha, I would of course, and we would sing it together. At the very end he would blow on one of the balls because it was, indeed, a candle. And we did this over and over and over and over. :] Gotta love parenting!

What's amazing is that he knows all the words! He is so smart! And I don't mean it in that snooty mom, "My kid is the most amazing in the whole world" kinda way. I just always see both of my kids as they were right after I gave birth; helpless, little, tiny babies who need me to do everything for them [just the way I like it :)]. I often forget that they are supposed to grow and learn and become self sufficient little people. I'm such a proud mom. Every little accomplishment means the world to me. I will always stand in my kid's corners. :]

Drinking From a Cup

The first thing I have to say is: Look at the size of those grapes Oliver was eating.

Anyway, Oliver has finally completely mastered drinking from a regular cup. NO more spills or accidents. I'm so proud of him!! He actually prefers a cup and hasn't held much interest in his sippies. He's truly growing up.


Such Sweet Kiddos

This is Scarlett's view of Oliver playing. He was teaching her how to throw a ball in the air.

Here he is in deep discussion, showing off his slinky. I love that I captured this moment between the two of them.

Love Her

It's all about sitting and playing. I love her face. :]

Chunky Monkey

She was such an itty-bitty, little baby until this last week! Look at those cheeks, she's really plumped up! Since about last Sunday all she does is eat and sleep and eat and eat. She's been eating 4-5 ozs every 2 hours as opposed to 3.5 - 4 ozs every 3-4 hours. I try to get her to wait 3 hours between feedings but a lot of the time she can't make it. But around 3 months they go through a growth spurt so I'm attributing this to that. BY THE WAY...uh, 3 months already? Are you kidding me? Wasn't I JUST pregnant. There is no time to savor the moments after your first. Time flies and they grow!!! I'm trying to enjoy every moment before I wake up and she's 16!