Monday, June 27, 2011

Oliver's 1st Movie Theater Experience!

Cars 2 came out on Friday, so of course the Buchanan Family (sans Scarlett who was at Babi and Dzia Dzia's) was at the movies on Saturday, bright and early.

All I have to say is that Oliver was AMAZING. I owe it to his LOVE of the first movie. He owns about every piece of merchandise ever made for this franchise. I would still be hesitant to take him to any other movie only because his attention span for things he has no vested interest in, isn't that long.

Buuuut we saw the previews for the Smurfs movie and Oliver was really receptive. Perhaps we'll try the theater again soon. :)

I have to say that I really enjoyed taking him to the movies. George and I LOVE going to the movies, so it was fun to take my son to an activity I enjoy.

Here are some photos from the event:

Up the escalator!!

He's looking!

Look at that excited face!

He brought Red the fire truck and an ambulance.

M&M's and his cars. He's a happy boy.

About the best family pic we could get. :)

Nem in Nem's

"I go potty now!" "I get Nem in Nem's!"

"Oliver you only get 2 M&M's before bedtime."

"No, 5 Nem in Nem's."

"Oliver, only 2!"

"No, 5 Nem in Nem's!"

(Deep breathe in and out) "Okay, go potty Oliver and we'll see how many you count."

HAHAHA. That's what we get for rewarding peeing in the potty with M&M's and having him count them.
Positive: He's getting really good at counting and is really well potty trained.
Negative: Above mentioned conversations...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mommy's Kisses

I forgot to post this pic with the last post.
I was comforting her after her wet butt ordeal.

Poor litte thing.

80 Degrees, Whaaaat?

On Tuesday we had a VERY warm day!
We took the kids to the fountains at Kent Station.
Oliver loved running around and splashing.
Scarlett was being cranky because her tooth had JUST cut.
But it was really fun and both kids we're TIRED by the time we got home.
Let's just say bed time was a breeze!

Constantly running!

Soooo bright.

"What is this cold water?!?!"

She was not happy getting her butt wet! Such a girl. :)

They're both looking!! Okay, okay, its not perfect, but I'm desperate!

Happy, Beautiful Baby Girl with Tooth #2!

Look at her!!!! Oh Em Gee. Yup, I made her. :)
She's such a happy little thing. The teething has worn us out though.

Within a matter of days Miss Scar Scar got 2 teeth! On Tuesday #2 cut all the way through.
It. Was. Rough.

She has most definitely taken teething a lot worst then Oliver ever did.
Hopefully she'll have a little break before any more teeth cut. For her sake.
AND ours!!!

You can see the first tooth here and then just  a TAD of the 2nd that cut that day.

My Ruffle Butt

She is so darn cute! She is walking between the couch and the coffee table now.
You can KINDA see one of her teeth in the bottom picture. :)

I Try So Hard...

If it's not one...

 It's the other...

NOT looking at the camera!

I promise you, even if it takes years,
I will get them both looking AND smiling.

She's Tough

Scarlett is getting more tough by the day. If she has another brother one day,
she's very prepared to hold her own!

Hahaha, Sleeping

Oliver loves to watch videos on the iPod before bed time.
Here he fell asleep watching Curious George.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

8 Months Old

8 whole months old(yesterday)!
Look at those red cheeks. You can teething has been intense!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amazing Memory!

It's funny how the smallest things your kids do make you SO proud as a parent! I have to write this down to remind myself down the road.

Yesterday Oliver was watching The Chipmunks and there are lots of Christmas scenes in that movie. George asked him if he remembered our Christmas tree. Neither of us thought he'd know, but he surprised us by pointing to exactly where the tree had been. Oliver started talking about Santa and presents. We were blown away that he remembered that from 6 months ago. I keep forgetting that he's such a big boy and its developmentally normal for something like this to happen, but I am still really proud of him and shocked that he retained that info!!!

Then today he shocked me again. Most people know that he is obsessed with Cars. (Cars 2 in 2 weeks will be Oliver's first time to a movie theater!!) In the movie they play Rascal Flatt's version of "Life is a Highway" a few times, especially when Mack, the semi. is driving Lightening McQueen cross country. Anyway, I was trying to find music on the radio on the way home from work because every station was playing commercials (I hate that!). I settled on a country station because I heard music NOT commercials but without registering what was playing. All of a sudden I hear, "Momma where Mack? Where Mack with Lighting Keen momma? And then he burst into laughter. Then I finally tuned into the song and started laughing with him! He knew that song was from the movie.

Again, nothing super special but boy was I excited. To me he's a genius!!! But I know any other mommys or daddys out there know their babies are all master genius'!!! I agree. :)

Tooth #1


My poor little girl has been teething since 3 months. I started feeling swollen gums and teeth right under the gums at about 5.5-6 months. She was acting just as Oliver had been at that age so I figured she'd have at least 1 tooth at 6 months like Ollie had.

Boy was I wrong!!

One day short of 8 months and we have the bottom right tooth out!I knew the diarrhea and low grade fever and crankiness this week meant something!!

I'm trying to get a picture but I can tell her poor little mouth hurts because she's having a hard time smiling for long periods of time.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So Fresh and So Clean

Someone was dirty after spaghetti! I finally placed Scarlett in the tub with Oliver as opposed to in her blue tub because let's face it, she's just gonna get herself out of it! This standing thing is getting intense! Everywhere and on anything!! Walking by my birthday...just sayin'. Countdown to August 12th started 3 weeks ago!!!


This is Oliver's interpretation of a monster. Suuuuure...
Haha, he's not quite at a stage where he draws anything close to what its suppose to be but I'm proud nonetheless. :)

He kept saying, "monster scaaarrry!"


I feel like I'm doing a lot of things late this second time around. I think I'm just really busy? And time is flying? I dunno, but either way, I feel like I should have introduced noodles ages ago! So here are some pictures from her first spaghetti experience. :)

They were high fiving. :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

3 Month Potty Update

Can you believe its been 3 months since we used diapers?? I know I can't!!!

In summary:

-The first month was amazing. A little night wetting, but he was doing amazing!!

-Month 2 was a boycott. He peed himself on purpose and started hating public toilets. He peed the bed almost every night. We were flabbergasted and exhausted! We finally resorted to buying Pull Ups for night.

-This last month has been glorious again! I have a hunch that it was the introduction of the Pull Ups that converted him back to a great potty-er. He wore them 2 nights and then he decided he was NOT going to wear them anymore. We purposely called them "night night undies" and never used the 'D' word (diaper) but he was too smart for us. He always referred to them as diapers and wanted no part in them. Only sissy wears diapers and she's a baby. He's a BIG BOY! Honestly I don't care what the etiology is, as long as he continues to do great I'm happy. I can't remember the last time he peed the bed or shot over the potty and got his pants wet. GREAT feeling for us parents. :)
Another great development is the doing away with morning TV. I wrote a post about this towards the beginning of potty training because I was saddened that I had to use TV as a means to get Oliver up early enough to potty before daycare. He's doing so well now that I can wake him up 10 minutes before we have to leave and he always goes potty, gets dressed and is ready to go!

SO happy about it. :)

Now they play together while I finish up getting ready in the mornings. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Letter To My Son

I did this around Oliver's first birthday and I'm hoping to make this a tradition for both my kids. Mommy's going to write them a letter each year and give them all to them when they're older. :)
Here's the link to last year's: 1st Year Letter To Oliver



I wish I could write down the words that could actually illustrate how much I love you. This. Is. Impossible.

When I look in to your little blue eyes I see such wonder, prowess, and imagination. You are inspiring. You are beautiful. You are worthy of all your future dreams. Everyday I thank the Lord that I was lucky enough to get you as a son.

Sometimes I watch your tiny belly go up and down with each breath as you sleep, I can't help but cry. You. Are. Mine. ALL mine! Everything about you, that your father and I created, is perfect. Not a flaw. You make me a better person.

You make me work harder, fight dirtier, and want to be around longer just so that I could have the privilege of being your mommy and make you proud. I love you, son, and my world would be a little bit darker and lack a whole lot of laughter had I never gotten the chance to meet you.

These are the things I wish for you in this time in your life:
-Smile and laugh until it hurts. Never stop!
-Count as many M&Ms as you need to so that the pee pee ends up in the potty.
(Wwwon, tooo, free,  four, fife, six, seven, ate, nine, ten, leven!)
-Never forget that kisses cure everything.
-Ask for "appa" anytime you want. I know the day will come when I'll miss it.
-Hearing "Good morning Momma, where'd sissy go?" will never get old!
-Never stop giving me kisses. You haven't yet budged and I appreciate that it's still cool at your age.
-Don't stop asking to "Cover me, Momma! Cover me!"
-Keep trying new things, explore the world, and let me know about it! I want to be there to cultivate your passions.
-Cars? Again? Tow Mater? Again!? Lightning Keen? Lightning Keen! Again!!? Well, okay. :)
-Love you more! I win because I'm your Mom. Remember that, but I'll always welcome "love you more" wars!

Just know that I love you with every fiber of my being and you are the light of my life, my first born, my number one guy, my genius, my boog boog, my stinky butt, my "kiss my butt, momma", my stinky feet boy that I would do ANYTHING to protect!

I love you so much Oliver,
Your Mommy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Standing Up

She loves climbing up on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! She's starting to put one foot in front of the other and it slowly beginning the cruising stage!

Sleeping Picture!

LONG overdue

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bathtime Standing

Yup, we have this to deal with now....

"Oh, hey guys!"

So happy with herself.

She let go and stood for a few seconds. Ahhhh.

At the Park

Woodland Park Zoo has a great park right outseide one of its entrances. The kids had fun on such a warm day! And so did mom and dad. :)

Practicing her walking.

Ollie ran and ran and ran!

A. Tell me she's not the cutest thing ever. B. Jellies!!!

They had so much fun.

Ollie did a good job swaying them.

One day I'll get them BOTH looking.

Oliver Update

My BIG boy!
I feel like I neglect Oliver on this blog sometimes just because Scarlett is going through SO many milestones SO quickly! (As do all babies in those first 12 months!)

My little man is getting so smart. His colors, numbers, letters...he's knowing more and more and more.
At preschool I've been told by the teacher how amazed she is by how much he knows. He's the kind of kid that will sit silently through a few lessons soaking everything in, so then when he's 'tested' he's on top of everything and first to answer every question. :)

He is still the kid that would rather do chores, clean, or help (even if we don't need it) before playing. For example he would rather push his sister in the stroller than run ahead to the playground. He tells me he "need to help you, momma". Okay, sure...

He's becoming quite the family clown. He's discovering jokes/pranks more, like pretending to share his food then taking it away last minute and gobbling it up. He finds that HILARIOUS. He also makes these funny faces and rolls his eyes really cute, and when we start laughing he keeps doing it because he knows he's getting attention.

He's still pretty shy but he opens up A LOT quicker to people and places. We're still being really good at exposing him to everything no matter how much he resists. Glad to know it's worked thus far. :)

Overall he's a really good kid. He's going through his usual Terrible Two "stuff" but he is such a sweetie pie. He's always looks out for his sister and VERY seldom is mean to her. He really is gentle and caring and mindful of her. He always wants to help and he actually does a really good job. He is so good at his manners. Saying please, thank you, excuse me, bless you your welcome, etc since the day he was born worked!! Even at daycare they've commented on how well mannered and polite he is even during tantrums. Haha, quite the contradiction, but I'll take it.

I'm so proud of EVERYTHING this little boy does. He is my #1 little man. :)