Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Scarlett was a Bee!

Oliver was a Fireman on Sunday...

..and a Vampire on Friday at the Museum of Fright.

Here's Oliver trick or treating. He can say 'trick or treat' then 'thank you' and he even attempted 'Happy Halloween'! So cute.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blast From the Past

Here's Ollie at 7 months in Grandma's bassinet:

Here he is revisiting the past well over a year later. Haha.

This last all of 2 seconds, but I got a picture!!!!

This Kid and His Cars

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to one!!! The weather has sucked every weekend this month and Scarlett happened to want to come out the one beautiful weekend in October. Luckily it was beautiful yesterday so we quickly went to the closest patch!!!

Such a Nice Boy

First he beats up on Dzia Dzia:

Then he helps him up.




We had a VERY busy day yesterday. Even though it was about 9:30 pm when we got home, he still felt the need to put on his sunglasses. Needless to say they were on backwards and he fell asleep. Haha. He is so entertaining.

Checking in on Sissy

Ollie likes to peek in on Scarlett and say 'Hi' or 'Good Morning'.

He also calls her Sissy since he can't pronounce Scarlett yet. :]

Baby Burrito

Here was Oliver:

And Scarlett:


These 2 don't get to see each other very often. I still can't believe how big she is after nannying her when she was a wee little thing. She's gonna be a big sister too so congrats to her fabulous mommy and daddy! I cannot believe all of these itty bitty babies are becoming huuuuge.

Scarlett's First Friend

This is Collin Jr. He's almost 3 weeks older and look at them holding hands already!!

A Kiss

Yeah, Oliver is warming up to Scarlett! This was taken last week. Oliver's gone through quite the whirlwind of behaviors.

He was very standoffish the first few days. Then he started touching her and petting her. Then he went through a few days where he completely avoided and ignored me and only wanted Daddy. He would cry over everything and hit and scratch and scream. Even his daycare commented on how much he had changed after Scarlett was born. I cried every day partly because I felt bad that I was losing patience with him and partly because you could tell in his eyes how lost he was. He didn't deserve me yelling at him or getting angry with him. His whole world had been turned upside down and he was being forced to accept it. I can't imagine how weird that must be for a not even 2 year old. I have to remind myself everyday that he really is still a baby himself.

"He's not even 2..."
I whisper that phrase to myself now anytime he acts up. It grounds me and forces me to realize that I cannot expect him to be 10, he's not even 2!

I'm proud to say though, that he has been so good all week! No tantrums or excessive crying. Thank goodness. He even kissed her foot today. Small steps people, small steps!

First Sponge Bath

It's safe to say she did NOT enjoy it. :]

My Squishy

Here are some random Scarlett pictures. I love taking pictures of little babies!

This amuses me bc she loves to stick her hands out like this when she sleeps sometimes. Haha.

1st Dentist Appointment

This actually happened at the end of September but these pictures were on a different camera and I just now uploaded them! He did really good and let the dentist look in his mouth.

Luckily everything was fine. We decided to take him because I saw what looked like either staining or plaque build up on his bottom front 2 teeth. It was just iron build up from his multi-vitamin and in the last month its gone away. With my horrible tooth genetics I was worried he'd be doomed with cavities already, but we're in the clear!

Friday, October 22, 2010

2 Days Old

She has been such a good baby!!! She never fusses and only whimpers when she's hungry or needs a diaper change. She makes my life EASY. She was horrible to be during pregnancy and delivery but she has been an angel since. I am definitely happier now that I have my two kids. It has made my life so much more fulfilling. :]

Scarlett is Here!!!

10:36 pm
7 lbs 4 ozs
19 inches

My water broke at 11:50 am on Friday the 15th. At work right before lunch. I was really excited to eat too, hahaha. Luckily it happened in the bathroom NOT at my desk!!! And even more luckily, I work around adult diapers so my nurse co-worker grabbed me one! That made it far more comfortable getting to L&D.

At my last appointment that Tuesday I was only at a 2 and 75% effaced. My FABULOUS OB came in on her day off to check on me and even did my first check. At about 2 pm, after very mild, irregular contractions I was only at about a 3. She told me to eat then start the pitocin! So eat I did!!!!

The pitocin was started around 3:30 pm. I chose to wait on the epidural until I was actually in active labor to reduce my chances of a C-section, so I walked around for about 2 hours getting my contractions stronger and more regular. Once they got pretty painful I had the nurse check me. I was barely a 4!!!! I was so mad. It was almost 6 pm by this point and I thought this whole second baby thing was supposed to go fast!

I asked for the epidural anyway and around 7 I was pain free...that only lasted about an hour. I knew something was fishy when I started getting very mild pains along with my contractions. My legs where tingly, like they'd fallen asleep but not dead asleep like I remember with Oliver.

They checked me around 7:30 before putting the catheter in and I was a 7-8. The pain kept coming for about an hour. It was more annoying than anything so I tried not to worry. Though my nurse ended up asking me if I was anxious because my pulse was racing off the charts. I told her that I was getting a feeling that my epi wouldn't work and I'd feel everything. She told me to push my extra dose of epidural too see if that would calm me. I did that 4-5 times [a dose is released every 15 minutes]. This did not help one bit.

By 10 pm the pains went from annoying to OUCH! And I started feeling the pain in my butt. I remember pressure with Oliver, but this was pain! My amazing OB came to check on me again!!! She actually stayed to deliver Scarlett. She is an amazing woman. Anyway...She checked me and I was at an 8, we chatted at bit about the pain, so they ended up calling the anesthesiologist to come redo my epidural.
Dr. Lutz started walking away and made it just outside my door, when I started getting horrible shooting pain! My nurse ran to get her to check on me and when she made it back in my room and checked all she said is, "You're gonna have a baby in about 2 minutes." All the nurses were frantically setting up my room for delivery. I went from an 8 to almost crowning in about a minute.

Long story short...after 14 minutes of pushing, she was out and the pain was gone. She was worth every minute of it. :]

A few photos from the day/night:

P.S. I totally think natural birth is amazing. I understand why women choose to do it. You get the most amazing high after giving birth. The recovery has been a breeze too. I just wish I had been more mentally prepared for the fact that I was going to feel everything.. It happened SO fast!


Oliver's favorite movie is Cars. How fitting.. :] Here he is watching in his fire truck pajamas with his two fire trucks. This kid and cars....

Pumpkin Carving

We haven't been able to make it out to the pumpkin patch this year due to crappy weather and having Scarlett on the ONE nice weekend in October. Haha. Luckily the Tuesday before going into labor we carved some pumpkins with our good friends.

Rain Boots

It doesn't matter how big. He'll get them on and walk around. :]

Getting Ready for Night Night.

There is never a dull night at our house...or day for that matter. :]


It finally happened....

And he's pretty happy about it.

I learned my lesson and have now remembered to put my heels back in my closet.

Oliver's New Bedroom

A few weeks ago when I was nesting like crazy, we finally decided to finish up Oliver's room. Here's a pic:

He loves anything with an engine so when he saw this car theme, he was totally in!

This is him 2 nights in to the new bedding. That's mommy and daddy's bed though!

He's so quiet that after I had put him to bed I didn't think he had snuck out. Lo and behold I went to change my shirt in my room and I almost had a heart attack when I noticed something in the corner of my eye!! Haha. He had brought all of his teddy bears and pillows and blankets and made a little nest in out bed. Hahah. I love this boy.