Friday, November 26, 2010


I mentioned in an earlier post how Scarlett was a pretty good sleeper but not sleeping all the way through the night. Well since Wednesday she has been sleeping 8+ hours through the night. It could change at any time but I think it's awesome nonetheless.

Oliver started sleeping through the night at 4 weeks. I remember waking up at 9am that first morning. My first thought was that he was dead. Morbid, I know, but he had always woken me up. I ran up to his bassinet to find him still sleeping. From that night on he slept through the night, every night, minus a few nights in the last 2 years where he was either sick or getting a tooth, etc.

If Scarlett follows her big brothers steps that would be fabulous. At 5 weeks to have a full night sleeper? Heck chyea. Right in time for going back to work. Mommy would appreciate being awake for her job. :]

My Little Man

He is the perfect little guy. I couldn't love him more if I tried. :]

Those lips, those cheeks, that little nose. I could eat him up!

Preview of the Christmas Dress

We bought this dress in Newborn size bc 3 Month looked huge and Scarlett is by no means growing as fast as Oliver did. But then I started freaking out thinking that she'll be too big for it come Christmas time in a few weeks so I should get some pictures of her in it now.

We'll see if she fits into it for Christmas mass, but for now I'm glad I got at least a few pictures of her in it!

I could be biased but I think she's absolutely GORGEOUS!

Best. Picture. Ever.

Still in love with Oliver's cheese face.

P.S. He will only sit still with Babcia and Dzia Dzia. Jealous.

Family Pictures

Oliver, Oliver, Oliver. Ugh, what can I say...It's Oliver! :]

He does what he wants, when he wants. It's Terrible Twos time, we don't mess.



As tough as having kids is, they are so much fun. I can't wait for Scarlett to develop her personality. It'll be twice as hard but amazingly fun.


Before Thanksgiving?

Unheard of. In my 24 years I can't remember having snow on Thanksgiving Day. It was actually kinda fun and made for really pretty scenery. Oliver had a blast in it too.

Thanksgiving 2010

It was rather successful. My mom cooked a great meal that I couldn't get enough of. We drank fabulous wine and had a lot of laughs, most stemming from Oliver. My mom was right on the money when she said he would probably be the class clown one day. He is such a ham and gets a kick out of making people laugh. He has such a big personality for such a small human being.

Scarlett slept a lot because let's face it, that's all she does besides poop and eat.

Ollie being Ollie.

No thank you to the green beans. He put them right back. :]

Can't say I don't try for sibling pictures.'s something?! Hahaha.

The poop saga continues...

We've got 3 solid nights of miss Scarlett pooping in her bath. We'll see if she'll hit 4 in a row tonight...

Fingers crossed...I've noticed today she hasn't pooped very much.

A. She's saving it for the bath
B. The breast milk is finally not going right through her.

[It's safe to say I bet on A.]

But you can't be mad at a beautiful baby like this:
She's sporting her Thanksgiving bib from yesterday.

And an outtake because she still looks adorable with her little lip quivering.

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Poop in the Tub

...for Little Miss Scarlett.

Yup. It obviously didn't take long at 5 and a half weeks.

I should have appreciated Oliver more. He waited until 15 or 16 months.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Uh Oh!

Oliver learned this...Not good.

My memory ran out on the camera so this gets cut off. :[


Oliver has amazing manners. Now without prompting [and sometimes with when he's being naughty] he says please, thank you, sorry, excuse me, and bless you. It's really cool that being so obsessive about it has paid off! Not enough kids [and adults for that matter] have any manners anymore. Over my dead body are my kids going to be rude! I hope...

Oliver is so cute, he'll do something he isn't supposed to then he runs to me yelling 'Sorry Mommy, sorry Mommy!' 'Hug, hug!' and squeezing me half to death! I love it!

Oh and before I forget, He does not say 'you're welcome'. Haha, I'm trying to teach him but he just says 'thank you'.

Brother and Sister

It's really tough to get these two together in one picture. Oliver isn't exactly dying to hold her or even be near her. He has his loving moments but if I'm not quick with the camera then that moment has been lost!

Let me start with the best one: How cute are they???

This is one of those moments I'm talking about. Thank goodness I took the picture when I did!

Here's a few ones of trying to get them together. It took awhile and Oliver wasn't too fond of the idea. Though it was his idea in the first place; he wanted to hold her but in the time it took me to grab the camera he changed his mind. It took some coaxing to get him to finally agree.

:], I love my family.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Girl!

She is so strong, just like her big brother was. She has been holding her head up since day one. She loves tummy time already [Oliver did not!] even though we don't do it too often since it's a bit early.

Here are some cute pictures of my baby girl:

In our family we practice something known as 'extreme kissing'. It's so intense that you need a permit for it. Just sayin'...

A Bit Similar Perhaps?

I can't get over how similar my babies look so I will post really unflattering pictures of them for my own sake. Don't hate me guys...Momma loves you!

Even 'outtakes' look the same...




He's good. :]

Daddy and Baby

Quite The Busy Body

Always moving, this one. All day he is wiggling and jumping and surprisingly not getting too hurt. :]

He can drive me insane but at the end of the day I melt to this sweet face!

1 Month

Time has flown! On Monday my newborn graduated to being a whole month old.

She is 9 lbs 5 oz - 50th percentile
And she's 20.5 in - 10th percentile
Her head is 14 in - 10th percentile

Oliver was almost 11 lbs at 1 month so she seems really small to me. She went through a bit of a growth spurt at 3 weeks bc she ate sooo much. She's finally leveled out and is eating a lot less.

And a funny one:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So Different

One of the most anticipated things throughout this last pregnancy for me was finding out how different my kids would be.

I always hear from friends how surprised they are at how different their kid's personalities are, and I could not wait to meet Scarlett so I too could get to experience this! I have to say now that I have 2 kids, they are so remarkably different already, even though Scarlett's only been around less than a month.

- Scarlett LOVES being worn. I've used the Baby Bjorn more in the last 3 and a half weeks then I did with Oliver at all. He HATED being contained. The few times we were able to get him to not cry in it, it was a count down to when the tears would begin.

- Scarlett is such a cuddle bug. She loves being held and sleeping in our bed. Oliver was very independent from the get go and though he did like cuddling, it was always short lived. I am not thrilled with this new found co-sleeping. I do not want it to become a trend, but I am desperate for sleep and George is not home during the night to take turns with me!

- Scarlett isn't very fussy. She fusses when she's hungry, poopy or lonely. Oliver had colic. 'Nuff said...

- Scarlett isn't as good of a sleeper as Oliver was at her age. I have no complaints because I think she is a terrific sleeper, Oliver got it down faster and slept for longer periods. Crossing my fingers that she gets on that bandwagon here soon...

- Breast milk poops ROCK. Oliver was never exclusively breastfed so we dealt with the formula poops from the beginning. They weren't as bad when we were just supplementing at the beginning..but yeah...stinky. Scarlett has been exclusively breast milk fed and her poop is awesome.

- On the poop note, I have been sprayed with poop more with Scarlett than with Oliver. I cannot decide if it's the female vs male anatomy, the formula vs breast milk or something else that is the reason, but yeah, our carpet, bed sheets and my pants have suffered the wrath of newborn poop spray right from the source.

I look forward to Scarlett growing and developing so I can see how alike or different she is from Oliver. The only thing I really want is for them to get along and love each other!


I can hardly believe he's 22 months, just 6 weeks and a few days short of 2!!

P.S. I really need to do something with his hair. It's so long that it no longer swoops to the side. He looks like a shaggy puppy! :] Unfortunately I've been forbidden from touching it by Babcia...I'll find a way for at least a trim?? I'm sure my mom will call me right after she reads this. Love you mama!!

Just the 3 of Us.

Yup, all of us got in the picture. Now we have to attempt one with Daddy when he's home!

Scarlett's 1st Bath!

I realize that we are a little late getting her a 'real' bath in the tub. We were hesitant to put her in water because I wasn't sure if her belly button was healed. She's got an umbilical hernia so I can't really tell anything with it sticking out all the time! I don't even know if she's got an innie or an outie!!! Oh well, it will heal on its own sooner or later. :]

Here is little Miss 'I hate being cold":

Tackling 2 simultaneously, thank goodness George was there to help!

And one fairly good shot of the both of them. :]

I love being a mommy to 2! To all my friends pregnant with their second or getting ready to make another baby[you know who you are!!!], you are gonna have so much fun!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Newborn Photos

My fabulous cousin Aga drove up from Tri-Cities to do these for us. Check her out!

Scarlett was 1 week and 1 day old. :]