Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby's 1st Vacation!

Our flight leaves early tomorrow morning to bright, sunny [and 110 degree HOTTT] Las Vegas. Wish us luck bc this will be Oliver's first plane ride! We'll be back just in time for both Noah and Maja's 1st birthdays on August 1st!

Playing, playing

Right before the tooth cut!


My baby.

So Determined

This kid will only want to be on his tummy, but then will cry soon there after. I just don't get it, but if he wants to, I let him!

In the third picture down he looks so much like when he was an infant!


This is how my child eats...

Apparently his feet are an important part of eating:

Uh oh!

These pics are from earlier this month that my mom happened to take while I was at work. I've just been bad at transfering pictures from the memory card on to my computer. Oops.

Now Oliver only wants to be in a standing position, but when these were taken this was quite the feat! I couldn't believe it when I saw these! Standing up in his crib, all by himself!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Those pesky teeth! We have one...Sort of.....

This picture is from a couple days ago so you can't see much if anything, buuuuuut Mr. Oliver cut a tooth yesterday. My mom ran into my room and woke me up to tell me. She showed me by putting a spoon in his mouth and clinking it on the tooth. Ha!It's just a little of it but he was grouchy mcgrouch grouch the whole day making it seem like all of them were coming in! It's definitely on its way to sprouting, so 'll try to catch a picture when it is visible!

Peek A Boo

We were on a walk and Oliver was not happy to be covred by the blanket. He can't be mad though, I'm not gonna let him burn to a crisp while we walk straight toward the sun for an extended period of time! So he peeked out the side the whole time!

Mommy's Little Monster

Yes he is!
This was him a few days ago relaxing at the park. He loves that place! I see a little glint of jealousy in those big blue eys when he sees other kids walking.
Oliver is now attempting walking....Hahaha, or so he thinks. He's been doing all sorts of strenuous activity, trying to stand up from a sitting position and trying to stand up all by himself by holding something. He's pretty wobbly and he's no where close to standing up from a sitting position. But I let him groan and moan and cry trying. But he's defintiely all over the place and extremely active!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 Month Stats

Oliver had his check up today and here goes:

Length: 27 in - 91%
Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz - 65%
Head: 18.11 in

He's super healthy the doc said and he was even surprised that Oliver was such a great sitter. He said he didn't expect such dexterity and strength until 7 months at least. Good to hear!

Oliver is also quite the scooter. You sit him anywhere and he'll move himself as far as he needs on his butt. All in several swift humping motions. Haha. He's so silly but he's ambitios and he knows what he wants.

He's gonna be a handful and I couldn't be any happier!

P.S. Pears are his new favorite! And he hates vegetables. :]

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quite the personality!

A. Our amazing sleeper is back!!! He hasn't made a peep for the last couple nights! But no teeth yet! You can feel his 2 bottom teeth through the gums and the gums are really white, so soon hopefully!

B. We have a sippy cup! We've made little progress, but he likes to hold it and throw it. We need to work on the sipping the water out part. He doesn't like the taste of water, being the biggest problem. Oliver was really constipated the last few days and would not drink water out of his bottle either to help poop. Poor kid!I personally think water is 100 times better than formula!

C. This kid of ours is happy! We started off rough with the colic and thought he would just always be in a bad mood. We stand corrected! This boy is the biggest flirt EVER. I can't take him out in public without him making a friend [usually with a little girl]! He's always flashing smiles and 'talking'! It's really funny to watch. He's just a very animated baby and you can always tell his mood. His facial expressions are priceless!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!

We had quite the nice 4th! I had to work until 6:30 but that's okay. All the girls and I wore I ♥ Sparklers T-shirts and tried to make the best of our day! When I got home Daddy, Mommy and Baby drove back up to Bellevue to check out Bellevue's Family Fourth. It was PACKED! We went around looking at the vendors and such and Oliver was quite captivated. There were people EVERYWHERE and lots of noise and colors, as well as animals and children running around. Afterwards we got back in the car and drove back to meet up with Grandma, Grandpa, and Ciocia Karolina at the Des Moines Marina to catch the fireworks. It's less crowded there but still beautiful so I enjoy it! I figured it be nice to go there too in case Oliver freaked out from the fireworks.

Which brings be to the fireworks! Oliver was not wavered one bit! The booms were pretty lou at times but he was a trooper. He actually didn't care half the time! All he wanted to do was be held and jump in place, mimicing his jumperoo! But that made me happy bc I'd rather him be happy then sad!


Little Firecracker is what his shirt says. Now that he's so mobile, its near impossible to get a good shot of anything!:

This is us at the Bellevue Family Fourth. We just stopped by during the day:

The we went to the Des Moines Marina for the fireworks. Here's Oliver and Daddy rocking out:

Me and Ollie. They were selling those light up ligh saber things and that's all Oliver cared about. He could care less about fireworks or us, he loved the light sabers!:

Closed eyes, but I still like this picture:

Oliver wasn't very captivated by the fireworks. He just wanted to jump in place!:

He did look for a few seconds:

I have GORGEOUS parents:

A couple pics of the fireworks over the Des Moines Marina!

Naptime Can Be Rough!

To the hair!

6 WHOLE MONTHS; That's half a year!!!!

Yesterday, it's 1 am as I write this so it's technically the 4th to me, Oliver turned 6 months. Make sense? No? Okay. Ha! Mommy had to leave for work at 3 so I tried to make most of my day with Oliver before I had to get ready.

It was a GORGEOUS day so we took a walk in the neighborhood:

Oliver swung for the first time! Of course mommy couldn't catch a smile in time but he LOVED it:

Then we lounged around on the grass watching cars pass:

P.S. we don't force the sunglasses for pictures sake. He hates the sun without his glasses. Such a winter baby, this kid:

It was such a hot day, we brought the pool out for the first time! First he was a little timid about the water:

Sunshine still hurts the eyes:

Getting more ambitious!

All in all it was a wonderful day and I cannot believe Oliver is now on the downhill slope to become a full fedged 1 year old little boy. And 2009 is half way done! I feel like it was just yesterday I was suffering through Christmas waiting for his kid to decide to come out! I love him more and more each day and I couldn't imagine life without him!

Hot summer days.

Mr. Oliver just enjoying life naked. I wish I was a baby most of the time. Besides teething and constipation, perfect life.....

A little Update.


Last night, thankfully, he made it through the night without waking up!

Now just as a refresher, Oliver has been sleeping through the night since he was a month old. The last week and a half he's been running a fever and crying all day and waking up every few hours at night and staying up crying. It's been horrible for mom and dad. It's been bad for daddy since he has to wake up at 4:30 am for work and got woken up my our little crier, and horrible for mommy bc she's the one who had to deal with it all night then go to work in the afternoon. Unfortunately giving him a bottle was out of the question to sooth him since I think his gums were so sensitive he wouldn't take a bottle, day or night. :[ No naps for me during the day! The last 2 days he's been himself thankfully, but I thought perhaps we'd get a tooth bc of all of the symptoms alluding to it [fever, aggressive chewing, refusing to feed, constipation]. We see big white spots on the bottom where his middle bottom teeth are, hoping they'll cut here in the next few days. Hopefully his regulr sleep will continue tonight, so pray for us!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

This Kid...

is SO cute. This is him a few days ago relaxing and TRYING to feed himself. Key word TRYING! Hahaha. He's so ambitious!