Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Girl Scared Us!

I literally have never called my doctor to ask any medical question regarding either pregnancy...until today. [Except after I was overdue with Ollie to ask if I was in labor...I was.]

I'm so worry free and always have been so healthy it takes a lot to freak me out.

Miss Scarlett, the already princess she is, decided not to move AT ALL this morning. I don't mean for an hour or 2. I mean I woke up at 4:45 am and realized I didn't feel any movement around 9:15. By 10:15 still nothing even after drinking ice cold water, eating sweets and poking the heck out of my belly. I can usually find the hard spot that is her and nudge her awake. Not today though. I mentioned it to a co-worker that has a 2 year old and an almost 1 year old and she said to at least call. I hadn't even considered it but thought I'd give it another hour, just in case. I didn't want to be the lady that called the doctor and had the baby start moving after being told to go to L&D.

I did wait it out until 11 then called. It's VERY unlike her to not move for that long. Not even a tiny movement. I'm taking nada, zip, no baby! I got a bit scared, but was told to go into Labor & Delivery to get monitored.

LUCKILY they picked up her heart beat right away, which was the sweetest most beautiful sound a mother could hear. She didn't budge for a good 5 minutes but then finally decided to move a tiny bit. It wasn't hard enough for me to feel, but the monitor could detect it. She did end up giving me some swift, hard kicks FINALLY! Not until late afternoon did I get my normal kicks and they've been going ever since.

I still feel like I overreacted but the nursing staff was so nice. My nurse told me that 99% of the time the baby is fine. But you never know if you'll be in that 1% unless you check. I love my hospital! I never once felt like I was wasting their time.

Here's to 3 more months of a perfectly healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby girl.

Monday, July 26, 2010


King of the Sticks

We have quite the collection outside the front door since sticks are not allowed inside.

New Favorite Accessory

His new Volcom trucker hat. Won't go anywhere without it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

You've Never Felt A Love Like This


26 Weeks

I look a lot smaller than I feel. Ha. I think I just feel crappy today bc I really can't say I've felt this bad since my morning sickness ended [that was 10 weeks ago!]. I cannot remember the last time I woke up, didn't shower, and stayed in my sweats all day. Was it 85 and gorgeous today? Yes. Did I care? NOPE! I napped a lot and it was marvelous.

Thinking about it, I think I feel so yucky bc I don't normally do nothing. I never have time to feel yucky. Currently I'm working 2 jobs in one 8 hour day, coming home to my crazy toddler, then sleeping. On the weekends we're always doing some sort of trip, get together, etc.

Today I felt like I couldn't breathe all day, I couldn't bend much without lots of pressure, I was overly exhausted, HOT and sweaty, and I think Scarlett is beginning her switch to head down [or at least practicing being a tornado] because it was lots of painful moving, pressure and overall uncomfortable-ness. I'm actually really happy I lead such a ccrazy life bc if I had this much time to dwell on my body and this pregnancy I wouldn't be enjoying it so much.

There's my rant. So glad to be more distracted tomorrow!

New Clothes

We did some major fall shopping for Oliver and Scarlett this weekend. So many cute coats, pants, long sleeved shirts, etc. But it left me thinking about how fast time flies.

The shopping paired with laundry got me thinking even more. I was folding some pajamas I got at my baby shower for Ollie that are a size 12-18 months. I remember getting them and thinking how darn cute they were but it was going to be FOREVER before he'd get to wear them. That really bummed me out bc they were THAT cute. Ha.

Here I am though, folding them up. They are tattered, worn in, and I even noticed a hole. They definitely were used to the maximum. He's actually a little big for them now. I was contemplating putting them up for good since we got done buying so many 2T jammies. Then I thought...whaaaaa?

These are the jammies I remember looking at when Oliver was 3 months old, thinking, just 9 more months til he can wear them. Now we're almost done with them? I can't even believe it. 2 frickin T? Such a big boy. He won't be wearing this 2T til fall, but still 2T? Geez.

Looking at all the clothes we have for our daughter makes me think that before I know it she'll be almost 2, almost a big sister, and time is moving too fast overall. :]

These are the moments I try to cherish and it works to slow the time down:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pee Pee in the Potty!

Ollie pee peed in the potty!!

We are by no means attempting potty training. We got a potty though and we want to start acquainting Oliver with it. I'm a firm believer of child led parenting [for the most part!!!] and Oliver has been VERY interested in mommy and daddy using the toilet. So I thought, what the heck...

He didn't even sit on it for more than 20 seconds and he peed. I was on the "big potty" going potty too. Mommy and baby! You would have thought George and I won a million dollars by the way we were cheering for him and high-fiving!! We pee peed right before bath time, which we do every night. I'm hoping to get into some sort of routine with using his potty before bath time every night. It's always gonna stay in the bathroom next to the "big potty". Then I'm hoping to, if he feels comfortable, sit him on there whenever I go pee.

Key word - hoping and we're in no rush. If he decides he doesn't want to there's no forcing him. He did so good with the toddler bed after all so here's wishing this goes smoothly as well over the next few months!!!

25 Weeks

Here's some shots from Vegas since I won't be doing my normal 'at the door' pose.

Leaving My Baby

George and I went to Vegas this past weekend for our 1st wedding anniversary, since we did after all get married there!

I cried like a little baby the first night bc I missed Oliver so much. I don't know how some parents can be so excited to be away from their little one like this. Don't get me wrong, we needed this trip as just husband and wife, not mommy and daddy. It was nice to see other parents dealing with tantrums, feedings, strollers, diapers, etc and not having to worry about it personally. But there was a big part of me that was jealous and a bit empty bc my son is my world. Both of us teared up a few times just talking about him. Oliver staying overnight, 20 minutes away, at grandma and grandpa's is a lot different then being 4 hours and 2 place rides away.

Oliver is the light of our lives. He is the most amazing thing in our life. :]

And we're only getting richer with Scarlett. The fact that I'll be feeling double this love makes me so excited to meet her!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beep Beep

I know I'm only posting this bc I'm a mom and I think my kid is fascinating.:]

Oliver loves all of his cars and dump trucks he has. Now when he plays with them he says 'beep beep' and makes that 'bbbbbbbb' motor sound. It is so cool to watch him know what to do with toys instead of just throw them around! Still don't know where he got it from, probably day care, bc I sure don't do that at home with him!

Gemma turns 1!!

Can't believe it since I nannied her what feels like forever ago! She was just a wee little thing that weigh nothing. She's definitely a big girl now! I took a billion pictures but here's the jist. It was a beautiful day in downtown Seattle!

Beautiful family

Our ever growing kiddos

She did good with her cake

Don't give your kids blue candy!

This was the best picture of Oliver and Gemma I could get. Not joking. Haha.

"Look guys, a giant needle!"


Oliver really enjoys flowers. He sniffs them of course, gently [for the most part]. And then he went on to say the word flowers. Smart boy!


Oliver LOVED it. He crawled around in circles, rawring the whole time! Here he is with his favorite Ciocia!


I had to post this bc he's actually not clawing his way out of my arms!!!

Playing With Dad

They are so fun to watch. Oliver loves his Daddy like crazy.:]


He may be 18 months old now, but it doesn't make spaghetti dinners any more clean.

Oh boy!


These sleeping pictures get more fun with the toddler bed.

24 Weeks

Yikes! The weeks are coming and going so fast. Scarlett is definitely a mover and shaker and I can tell she's getting big bc I'm feeling her higher and higher. This shouldn't come as any surprise bc I've done this 'growing a baby' thing before but again, time is moving so fast I feel as though she should still be the size of a poppy seed. But no, statistically speaking, she's almost 2 lbs and around 13-14 inches long. HOLY CRAP. Haha. One more week and she'll have an almost 100% chance of survival outside of the womb!

Still surprised I'm only up 7-8 lbs. This heat is making me retain water like crazy, so I'm sure if I stepped on a scale right now I'd be up like 30 lbs, hahaha.

Overall I'm feeling really good. I'm to a point where there's no more sickness, no back/hip pain, and I'm still small enough to bend and stretch! I feel so blessed to have my rabid little toddler and this new baby on the way. Being a mommy is truly what I love most in life and I'm so happy to be experiencing it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Oliver did the funniest thing this morning!

We had some Doritos left over from a BBQ the night before. Oliver has tasted them before so he knows what they are.

He climbed up onto his booster seat, then onto the kitchen table and grabbed a chip out of the bowl.

He then turned to us, took a bite, smiled and said Mmmmmm. Hahaha. Funniest thing in the world.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Fourth 2009

Aw I was looking at pics from last year. We were at the Des Moines Marina and Oliver did so good with the fireworks. I love my little firecracker. :]

4th of July


Weather absolutely SUCKED. Who watches fireworks in a jacket and wrapped in a blanket? But nonetheless we had a blast! We hung out at Kaela and Noah's house. They live on Angle Lake so we had a nice private beach and could see the fireworks nice and clear. Daddy had to work at 5:30 so it kinda sucked but he got to hang out a little.

We did get a chance to make a fire in the pit and toast up some smores. Ollie's first time eating them. He was quite fascinated with marshmallows and did really good! The boys also did really good staying up until 10. NO major breakdowns or tantrums! Yay for having such good kiddos!

I can't believe this was Oliver's 2nd fireworks show!

Here are a few pics from the day. By few I mean FEW. I took a ton. ;]

This is how I man handle my child while pregnant.

Isn't the outfit TERRIFIC. I think so.

He would not let go of those balls. He had 3 at one time. Balls are truly his favorite thing in the world.

3 mommas and their 3 not so little toddlers.

Ollie and Noah getting ready to go see the fireworks.

Eating his first SMORES! Sort of.

Toddler Bed

Okay so first off I have pictures to go with this post but am FAR too lazy to get up, walk 10 feet, grab my camera and upload the pics!

The toddler bed has been a pure SUCCESS. I had a few people tell me it was too early and it would never work so I should just not do it. Well this is that time when I tell you to shove off and Mommy knows best!

I know my kid and I know what a good sleeper he is! The first night he woke up twice mostly confused as to why he had fallen out of bed. All I had to do was walk him back to his bed and he passed right out. After that night I haven't had any problems and he hasn't woken up at all, EVEN after falling out of bed a few times. Haha. Actually the last 3 nights he's stayed in bed the whole night. Oliver is a champ! I couldn't be more proud.

Hold tight for pictures, I've got a few cute ones of him sleeping in [and OUT] of the bed!

23 Weeks

Just realized I hadn't posted this! Scarlett is quite the mover. Her favorite times of the day to be super active is early morning [5 am] and late night [9-10]. She actually wakes up to my alarm before I do and starts wiggling like crazy.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Toddler Bed!

My belly is just getting too big for bending into a crib. I sort of wanted to do this sooner but with another baby on the way I almost wanted to preserve Oliver's baby status for longer. Either way, we agreed at 18 months we would just go ahead and do this.

He did fabulous! No falling on the floor, etc. I'll update in the morning after a full night though! Especially with all the fireworks going off, he may get startled and wake up.

Here is a picture from earlier in the day after we had switched the crib over (He loved it!)This was in the middle of taking everything off the bed, haha:

18 Months

Yikes. He's really close to 2!!! I so vividly remember exactly one year ago thinking that he's now on the downward slope to 1. Now I'm pregnant with his little sister and he's inching to 2! Still blows my mind.

Here he is last year on the 3rd: