Friday, September 30, 2011

Insight Into Mommy's Life

Super Mom

This term is one I just don't know how I feel about. I never feel flattered when someone refers to me as one. I think I should feel flattered. I should smile and say thank you. I should be proud that people are noticing how much I do.

But I don't. I do always say thank you, though.

Maybe I don't like compliments? Okay, that's not true! But, I do think I don't like it because too many people self label themselves. Really moms? This overuse reminds me of the ever mentioned "I love you". 'Yeah, I just met you at the bus stop 5 minutes ago but we had a really great talk and I just absolutely love you!!' No, you don't love them, you just really like them. Anyway... Maybe its just me, but I feel as though every one's life situation is so different that we all deserve the title.

I recently had a conversation with another working mom who was showering me with compliments about how amazing I am and how she always wants to complain but thinks of me and feels bad about even considering whining. Yes, that is kind of a cool notion. But I couldn't help but sense the feeling of almost-failure in her voice. She kept telling me that she just has one baby and works full time and doesn't have the energy for anything else. I, apparently, am amazing because I have more and do more. I'm super mom.... There's that term again.

I just couldn't take it. I couldn't take someone putting themselves down because they weren't this "super mom" person. I told her that she was a strong and amazing woman and to never compare herself with me or anybody else. Yes, I do a lot. I work 40+ hour a week, go to Grad School, have 2 kids, and still manage to pay bills and clean up (very minimally...thank goodness for George). But by swinging this term around, it makes some moms feel like they are not good enough; not up to par with others.

Like I mentioned, we all have different circumstances, different lifestyles, and different views on how to raise our children. I am not better than you, as isn't the girl on Facebook self appreciating about how hard her life is and how much more amazing she is than anyone else. (Really, you think you're the only one who's taken a kid to the grocery store...uh that doesn't make you super mom. That just makes you a mom doing the groceries.)

So before you ever compare yourself to others and minimize your own efforts as a human being, remember what you DO do and make sure you realize that it is just as deserving of a great title. Whether that me SUPER mom or just plain old AMAZING mom.

I prefer just being MOMMY. These two are the only ones who are allowed to judge me on what kind of mom I am. Take my advice and check out your kids. If they're fed, rested, and happy...then you are doing everything perfectly.

Your ever busy "super" mom, Izabella.

Playground Utilization Before the Rain

One of the last times we might enjoy the playground without worry! The kids had a blast and of course I can never stop myself from taking lots of pictures. Here are just a few:

LOVE this one.

She was SO happy with herself!

He was done getting his picture taken.

Swinging on his tummy!


Always ready to go back up,

Ollie never passes up a chance to help.

Having Fun 24/7

Riding the choo choo with her brother!

That damn kazoo...I need to just "lose" it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Little Doll

She is so much fun to dress up!!
Best part is: she lets me!!!
I'm only going overboard as insurance in case I never have another daughter!!
The shoes!!!! So adorable!

I LOVE clippys for her hair!

She's always slapping that baby belly of hers!

The Similarities

 Here is Miss Scarlett posing very similarly as her brother did...

 Scarlett is 11 months:
Oliver is 15 months (April 2010):

Silly babies. :)

Brusha Brusha Brusha

 Bath time is getting much more fun now.

To Be A Kid Again

I wish boxes were enough to make me THIS happy at 25.
Oliver was having more fun that I've seen him have in a while,
all with just 2 boxes.
I envy my kids sometimes!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

11 Months

I'm a bit late, but on the 15th my little darling got THAT
much closer to her first birthday.
She is such a little ham, but is DEFINITELY developing her drama queen antics.

1. She gets Oliver in trouble, A LOT. I'm now being really careful not to get mad at him, because it could just be her exaggerating with her screams!! For instance he gives her a hug and holds it too long and she starts screaming like she's going to die...yeah.
2. She also gets really angry if you don't share your food with her. Like bright red, and yelling.
3. She's still only walking about 70% of the time. I can tell she's more comfortable with crawling, but she is venturing out and walking pretty far distances now.
4. She's still a solid sleeper, as she has been her whole life. Down at 7 (like Ollie) and sleeps until I wake her up. What I really like is she won't make a peep if she wakes up early. She'll just lay in her crib and play with whatever's in there until someone gets her.
5. She really LOVES music. Anytime she hears it, she perks up and starts swaying!
6. She's cut 6 teeth!!
7. She makes sentences in baby talk. It's really cute to hear her try to 'conversate' with you.
8. Her hair is getting long in the back. ALMOST long enough for pig tails!!!
9. She's beginning to attach her self to her blankie. (Just like her brother.) Most of the time when I take her out of her crib she's holding on for dear life to her blankie.
10. She has no fear in competing with her brother. If she wants something, she'll get it. Oliver will probably take it right back as he is bigger and stronger...but she's still brave for going up against a 2 and a half year old boy!!!
11. She lets me manipulate her with ease! (Oliver NEVER would since he's stubborn). Bows in her hair, shoes on her feet, and so many outfits... She's my living doll!

Mommy, Daddy, and brother love you, Scarlett Magnolia!!!

1st Black Eye

Our little Oliver decided to jump.
He decided to jump A LOT.
And ultimately one of his huge jumps off of the fireplace
ended up with his face meeting his toy fire truck.

With Daddy's cell phone, not too long after it happened. His eye was swollen later!

This was 2 days later. Not swollen anymore but you can see a little bit of the bruise!

Every time someone would ask what happened he loved telling the story.
"I jump on my wee wee (fire truck) on my eye. It hurt."

Crazy Mornings

Most weekend mornings George is off working overtime...
This is where I pretend I'm a stay at home mom...
...and am reminded why I am glad I'm not in real life!!

Here are my crazy little ones!!!
They always put a smile on my face. :)

He was yelling, "I LOVE YOU!"

Breakfast and cartoons!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Dancing, Momma."

"I'm dancing with Sissy's dolly, Momma. Look at me!"

As They Should Be...

...dirty and gross after a long day.
That's the best part of being a kid.

Puyallup Fair 2011

He couldn't ride the ride bc he was freaking out.

Tow Mater

We found these lollipops awhile back. How funny??

Quite the perfect treat for such a big Cars fan.

See the resemblance?

Love These Two

Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Last Trip To The Lake

This might of been our last trip to the lake before fall officially hits!
Kids had fun. Both a bit grumpy, Scarlett teething, and Oliver just being stubborn.
Overall it was nice to relax in the sunshine.

Three generations of ladies!

Scarlett loved swimming!!

See!! Look at that face.

Silly baby. She wanted to make it honk.

Where'd Ollie go?

Oh, right there. Just lugging around the tire!!