Friday, August 28, 2009

Stairs...uh oh.

Yeah, my little guy is figuring that he can bend his knee and place it on the next step. He hasn't attempted actually pulling up, except with daddy helping.

I need those safety gates STAT!

Come to Momma!

He comes.
Sometimes I feel like I'm training a little puppy.
But he listens!

And when he's sad he yells "Mamma!" and puts his arms up. I feel special.
He's also now saying dadda to George and mama to me. Though he does enjoy singing dadadadadada when he's concentrating on cruising. Lucky daddy.


Pretty sure Oliver said 'no' today.
Actually I'm positive it was just a coincidence.

I said, "Oliver let's go night night, sleepy sleepy!"
Oliver said, "Noooo!" while shaking his head.

This was probably just a mirage of what's to come in the near future....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worse Mommy Everrrrrr!

Or so I feel like it!


Oliver has a bruise on his poor little forehead.
He fell off the bed.
Yes he cried loudly, and yes I was a little freaked out!

Oliver has been developmentally ambitious and is capable of a lot of things others babies his age and even older aren't.
Unfortunetly his ambition leads to quite the goose eggs.
I don't get very concerned bc I know if I freak out he cries even harder. No need for that!
But from the time he began sitting unassisted [5 months], until now with him trying to stand unassisted [7 months], its been a long road and A LOT of bumps on the head!

Over the last few days I've been contemplating if the amount of falls he's had on his head are bad for him. He doesn't seem any different and his ambition for all things impossible has not ceased! So we're okay, right?

Maybe I just need some reasurrence that I'm not horrible, bc I do keep an eye on him, but hardwood floors and a VERY quick baby is not a good combo.

Nonetheless, no fall or bump on the head is stopping him from his daily adventures.

Oh mommyhood, how fun you are!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Oliver has had plenty of adult socilization in his almost 8 months, but what about other babies; his peers?
Well, my schedule is rediculous and George works swing shift so getting together with other moms has proven hard and seldom.
My new genious plan has been taking Oliver to the mall play place for kids.
He LOVES it.
All of the kids are considerably older and every time he has been the youngest and smallest. But boy does he have the same amount of energy!
I noticed while taking him to the park that he would just stare at the older kids running and playing. He wouldn't move for long periods of time just observing. He wasn't much of a crawler at the time and even after he started, rocks and wood chips are not good on baby knees and hands.
Hence I figured I'd give the mall a try.

Oliver crawls after the older kids and then makes his way somewhere where he can pull himself up. Then he just roars and laughs and yells with the other kids. It's really cute to watch how overjoyed he can get.

After how successful this has been I think I'll sign him up for Gymboree or the Little Gym. How fun!

Oh Grandma

He doesn't even do this to mommy.

Oh my...

He doesn't care what he stands up on. Even if it's super wobbily.

Walking, please stay away for a few more months. Thanks.

Our trip to seaside, OR

I love the Oregon Coast!

Visiting the seals at the aquarium:

So much sand:

My child loves swinging more than most:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally a post!

Alright, I am back and kicking.
There were no updates due to Mommy's 14 page paper and trying to find an internship!
Finally the quarter is over and I can do something other than research drug addicted pregnant women!

So here are some things Oliver has been doing over the last few weeks.

-He is a SUPER fast crawler.

-He says da-da-da-da-da [this makes Daddy very happy]
-He says ma-ma!
[Neither of these does he direct at us but it still makes us happy. Soon enough!]

-He likes to bite and suck on fruit I'm eating. Cantalope he likes, and peaches!

-In the morning when I bring him into our bed, he stands up over Daddy and pushes his head into Daddy's. It's his way of telling him to wake up bc he wants to play! George and Oliver 'roughhouse' that way. They'll both make growling noises and 'kiss' eachothers faces and necks. It's adorable to watch.

-He's a stander. He hates to be in any other position. He's even trying to balance with no hands. We often joke that he forgets he can't walk! But I really think he'll be walking soon. He's already cruising around the couches and his crib. Mommy is not ready for a walking baby. He isn't even 8 months old. If he could hold off for a couple months I'd be happy.

-He is very attached to me. Sometimes I think he doesn't even consider me his mom since I'm often at work or doing school work, but it's a good feeling when he sees me and wants to be held.

-He understands the word kitty or kotek and meow meow. He automatically looks outside or up the stairs, where the cats usually hang out.

-He also puts out his hand when you say dziendobry. [Hello in Polish]

He's growing, growing!

Here's some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Standing up!

The next Michael Phelps?


Then and Now


In January:

Funny how now they're all sitting and standing and are pretty much crazy!
back then they were just globs of goo. None of them even sat yet! And Noah is 5 months older!! I can't believe how fast they're growing

Noah's 1st birthday party!

Oliver and Elijah fighting over the toy.

Oliver i 3 weeks older

Mmm, tools.

These boys are so funny.


Noah liked Olivr's card the best. He played with it for a while!

Vegas Vegas Vegas

I'm too lazy to create a bunch of different posts about all the different places we went to I just chose a bunch of pictures of Oliver from our trip.


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Gotta say hydrated.


The lions at the MGM Grand.


Looking at the sting rays in the touch tank.


Mom, what's on my head?


He loves the view from the top.

Grandpa's hat.



Karol with a passed out Bubba.

Uncle Todd.

The pool was amazing.

But it was very hotttt!

On top of the Statosphere!

Waiting to ride the 21 mph elevator to the top.

Passed out at Circus Circus while everyone else played slots!

The baby in the mirror.