Saturday, April 30, 2011

Loving Big Brother

 This picture below is EXTREMELY significant! Oliver is super possessive about his things, ESPECIALLY any of his blankies, this blue one being his absolute favorite. Usually when he gets mad at Scarlett for touching his thingsm I sit down and explain sharing (its been getting better) and then he'll give her what she wanted.
The night I took this pic Oliver told me "Carlett brrrr, give her Ollie blankie" then he put it around her. Ummmm, proud mommy moment! What a thoughtful gesture. Baby steps people, BABY steps! Haha.

They love playing together now that Scarlett is no longer so fragile!

Finger Foods

 Haha, her faces are priceless. She can pick the melt aways up... getting them in her mouth is another story. She's almost there! Sometimes I help her and she does really good 'eating' them!

WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY??? I'm in denial about this growing up thing!

7 Week Anniversary of Potty Training!

I can't believe it has been 7 weeks since I had Oliver in a diaper!

Just an update:

-Oliver has been doing great. I feared a bit of reversion in the last 2 weeks but now I think its overconfidence. He had been doing great at daycare with no wet pants and undies then all of  sudden he started getting wet with each time he would go to the potty. Now this hasn't been 'accidents' where he didn't make it in time or forgot to go, it happened to just be a boy thing!! His little pee pee always manages to spray all over the darn place. In the beginning he was SO careful and over time he has become so busy playing that he no longer was paying attention.
Both Dana and I have made sure to enforce "pee pee down, close legs" with every potty attempt. Now without any prompting he always puts his pee pee down and closes his legs while saying the phrase. It's been better for the last few days!! Less wet pants/undies from all the spray!!
-He hasn't been getting better with the night wetting. It still occurs every other night about. But we're working on it!!
-He has developed a "fear" (I don't really know if that's the right word; "uneasiness" maybe?) to big pottys. He had been doing great in public going on adult toilets, but recently he has just not wanted to do it. He'll tell me he has to go, I'll take him and sit him, he won't go and then we'll leave. Repeat another 3-4 times and then 5 minutes later he'll pee his pants! This even started at Babi and Dzia Dzia's! I've noticed if there is a little potty around he'll do just fine. Hmmm, we have yet to figure this one out. :)

No one says potty training is easy. It's the ride of your life. Perserverence is really at the core of it. But what could I expect from a boy that potty trained in 1 weekend? I'm proud of him nonetheless!

Twins in a Different Time

 I took this top picture of Scarlett just a few days ago and she's about 6.5 months now.

The bottom picture is Oliver at 5.5 months.

The eyes just struck me when I was going through the pictures of Scarlett that I automatically thought of this picture of Oliver. It's uncanny the similarity.

My Little Powerhouse

 Yup, crawling is coming soon. She likes to get on her knees and rock back and forth. On Thursday she even moved one knee forward however she obviously didn't realize that an arm had to also go forward...BABY FACE PLANT!! It was cute. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Few More Pictures

THIS is a family photo. :) Hahaha.

How cute are these two?!

Daddy, daddy, daddy!

Milestones, Milestones...

She's on her knees every time she flips on her tummy! Uh oh.
 Welp, crawling is coming up faster than I can believe. This picture was taken after she had been doing it for quite some time so she was tired, but you get the gist! She's also moving forward, her belly still drags in the ground but she's STRONG! If she's anything like Oliver she'll be full blown crawling in 3 weeks. Part of me hopes she doesn't, I'm trying to savor the time before she's go, go, go!

Here she is eating her Mum-mum. We're slowly getting ready to introduce finger foods so we thought we'd try these. We never bought these with Oliver because a friend gave him one to try and Oliver shoved it all down his throat and choked! Scared me half to death! Scarlett is a bit more reserved so I'm not so afraid with her. Oliver has always been a tad overzealous!

The Easter Bunny Brought....

Lots of Dr. Seuss books and lots of chocolate!

Oliver is loving his ABC's so this book was fitting!

Mr. OCD lining up the eggs he'd eaten chocolate out of.

He got a Mickey Mouse (his favorite)!!

P.S. regarding the Mickey Mouse. Oliver is completely obsessed, so we have a 'piggy bank' that he throws change into for our future (unplanned) trip to Disneyland. We're gonna wait until both kids are old enough to at least ride the rides...he'll have a TON of money by then...he's already making mommy jealous with how much he has!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Enjoying the Sunshine

We needed this 66 degree day at the park! Scarlett enjoyed her first time on a swing! Overall it was a good time and we needed the outdoors BAD. Long winter that made this long overdue!

This is before she figured out she could have her hands out.

1st time swinging with her brother!

Look At His Face

Too funny not to post separately. Too much chocolate perhaps?

Easter Egg Hunt Picture Overload!

There were so many pictures, GOOD pictures, AMAZING pictures, but alas...I cannot post them all. So here are some that I really liked. Thank goodness for a 66 degree day! Tomorrow, Easter, it'll be rainy so we made sure to do as much as we could today!!

She's Just Cute. THE END!

Coloring Eggs

 Oliver colored eggs on Friday as is tradition for us! Usually we just color the eggs with crayons and dip them in the regular dye. This year I saw this cool candy apple dye you paint. I thought we'd try it.

Let's just say all of the eggs came out brownish green. Hahaha. Oliver mixed all the paint colors together. :) Oh well....


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look at My Helper

6 Month Stats

Alright, FINALLY went to the doc for Scarlett's appointment.

Weight: 16 lbs ----> 50th percentile
Length: 26 inches --> 50th percentile
Head Circ: 17 inches --> 75th percentile

We got a referral to the dermatologist!!! Scarlett's rash has gotten out of hand and is now covering most of her face and her whole scalp. Luckily it isn't constantly inflamed, but when it is, its absolutely horrible. It's itchy and splotchy, and rougher and bright red. It has all the classic symptoms of Eczema we just need to know how to control it (no healing cure, unfortunately). There is like a 90% chance she will grow out of it, which we're hoping for...but now we're just hoping for a cream or something to at least stabilize it. Poor thing's ear was bleeding earlier today because of how dry the area gets. :( My heart breaks for her especially when she gets into her itchy episodes and scratches it so it bleeds. I do my best to stop her when I see it but with Oliver running around, its hard.

She's still relatively dainty. She's between size 3 months and 6 months.

She is a solids champ. We're getting ready to introduce finger foods soon.

She still loves being worn and being wrapped. She loves human touch.

She has such a positive attitude. She laughed her way through 3 shots and an oral vaccine today. The doctor and MA was amazed by how happy she was the whole time. Nothing brings her down.

She is very emotionally observing. Like most females she is all about eye contact, she loves watching people have conversations and even adds her own goos and gaaas. She's just 'in tune' with people. Very different than Oliver ever was...can't say it's completely a gender thing but its similar.

Teething is still in full swing. I think the worst is over for this particular tooth. It has yet to cut, but most of the uncomfortable moving through the gums has passed. It's literally almost poking through.

About a week ago she managed to hoist herself on her knees while on her tummy. Her doc even said by the looks of her physical prowess, she will be an early walker. IF she crawls at 7 months as Oliver did, I'll believe that...she's keeping close with Oliver's milestones but she is a tad bit behind...we'll seeeeee!

And just as a reference, Oliver, at 6 months, was:
18 lbs 4 ozs
27 inches

She is still sticking 2 lbs behind...

Easter Preview

Let's face it, I live in Seattle where the probability of rain on Easter is GREAT. So to save me from disappointment I had to capture a few pictures of Scarlett in her Easter dress OUTSIDE, before the actual day. I caught the weather at a good time where it wasn't raining just in case it does rain Sunday.

Scarlett is such a ham, she completely reminds me of Oliver at this age. At 6 months every picture I took was golden...though its bittersweet because if she's anything like Ollie I only have 6ish more months of good pictures...

Milking it while I can!