Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post Count Has Been Low

This month I have not been a very good blogger!!

We had some technology mishaps, 2 laptops to be more specific. Not good when Mommy is a student again...

We finally purchased a netbook and I LOVE it. I'm still getting used to the smaller keyboard and screen, but overall I like how much less bulky it is then a laptop.

So anyway, now I can post on here again and get caught up on research for classes!!! Trying to research prisoner recidivism on my smart phone was not working out so well!

So, we're back on and I'll be updating a lot more. :)

Tooth #8

After a fever last night, tooth #8 has cut thru! I can't believe how many teeth she has. Even Oliver didn't have this many at 1, and he got his first 2 months before Scarlett got her 1st.

Pumpkin Carving

We had a couple little pumpkins and our big 81 pounder.
It was a fun experience for the kids.

She kept trying to eat them!!

Scooping out the insides with kitchen utensils! Scarlett's fell in.

Scarlett helping Daddy.

Almost as big a pumpkin, as 1 year old.
And the finished product!

Safe Trick or Treat

Since Mommy has class 6:30-9 pm on Monday, also known as Halloween, it was super important to me to be able to do something fun with them in the spirit of the holiday!

We did Boo in Burien, and it was PACKED! Lots of candy, hay rides, games, etc!!

Oliver was miserable at the beginning. He didn't want anything to do with his costume, he didn't want candy, and he was stubborn. He is like this a lot in situations he's not familiar with so we forced the costume on, strapped him in the car against his wishes, and drove until he stopped crying.

This sounds a bit horrible, but he really would just sit at home 100% of the time if we didn't make him experience new things. Ans sorry kid, life cannot be lived from the playroom.

Once he warmed up, everything was fine, and he had the most fun on the hay ride!!

Sipping on some hot chocolate on the way to Olde Burien.

She couldn't get enough of the candy (in the wrappers).

I thought I had already cropped this. Sorry about the crappy off center shot.

Big BLUE eyes. Wearing Mommy's hat.

Bro & Sis.

Lasagna Time

Haha, she's so persistant to use utensils all by her self. She will NOT eat if you offer her food from a fork or spoon. She'll shake her head no, and wait til you give it to her.

Lasagna's messy, but we thought, "What the hell!"

And here's a photo of big brother (18 months) as a reference:

Fun in a Box

Why I try to buy nice, expensive toys is beyond me.

Scarlett turns 1!

My big girl turned 1 on 10/15. She weighs 21 lbs, 50th percentile, and 29 inches, 65th percentile.

I still can't fathom, (2 weeks later) that she is now officially a toddler and on her way to 2!

Here are a few pictures from her party:

Tooth # 7

Right before turning 1!! It broke thru on 10/9.

Friday, October 14, 2011

There's Another One On The Way..

This is for those of you who did not see this on Facebook a few days ago. :)

Yes, there's going to be another one. And yes, we are very excited!!
For my loyal followers (who I love very much!), I know I haven't been updating much.
I've got tons of stories and tons of pictures, but I'm lacking time!
School has really put a contrstraint on my "extra" time.
Not to mention, my horrible morning sickness is not making me want to do much...

Tis is my life, and quite frankly...I wouldn't want it any other way!

P.S. I'm due May 22nd.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pig Tails!

She's finally getting enough hair!! Though you can't really tell from the front that there are any pig tails...

Still super cute!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

If you know anything about me, then you know mid-September (Puyallup Fair time)-January 3rd (Ollie's bday), is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of the year.

The decorations.
The holidays.
The family activities.
The friends.
The family.
The food.
All of my favorite things all together for a large chunk of time!

Here are some photos from Carpinito Bros Pumpkin Patch. I presume this will not be our last time going to a patch this season!

By the way, we bought an 81 lb pumpkin. Several of the people that worked there took time to take pictures with it and look at it one more time. They didn't think it would go so quick!! There were several large pumpkins, but I liked this one bc it's shape was really fun!!

And, yes....we WILL be carving it in a few weeks!!! Pumpkin seeds galore!!   :)

He said, "Mommy, you're too heavy".

Everything has to be neat and in a row.

He wouldn't sit with the girls. But he liked peek-a-booing!

She doesn't discriminate against what she climbs!!

Trying to coordinate us to all that's gonna happen.   :)

The daddys with all 3 kids.