Monday, June 25, 2012

Peek A Boo

Big Blue Eyes

Just want to show off my beautiful blue eyed babies. I'm super jealous that I don't have blue eyes!
Felix has blue eyes now. Let's hope they stay blue so I can have three blondies with blue eyes!

Scarlett and Her Felix

Scarlett loves her baby brother. And I love her for actually letting me document this, unlike a certain 3 year old I know...

Adorable, right?

She is always up for buzki! (kisses)

Big yawns.

Squishy face.

I love these two!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Tag

RIP blankie tag May 2009-June 22nd, 2012

I HAVE to remember the day Oliver's FAVORITE blue blankie lost it's tag.

Oliver, as most babies, went through his love of tags stage beginning around 6 months. His obsession faded with all tags EXCEPT on his blue blanket. Part of our bedtime routine was covering him with the blankie and making sure he had the tag securely in his hand. This became infinitely important once we completely took the binky away when he turned 2...

About a year ago we started noticing that the tag was getting really worn down and detaching from one side. George and I would joke how the end of the world would begin with the tag falling off (how fitting that its fallen off in 2012...) but at the same time the tag was such a staple that it seemed immortal and unable to be affected by environmental factors.

Welp, a certain 3.5 year old proved us wrong today. The sad look in his eyes almost made me cry when he showed me the detached tag. I asked him how he felt and what his plans were with the tag. He responded, "I don't want to throw it away." He had a really scared look in his eye like I was going to make him toss it or something. I reassured him that he would absolutely NOT have to throw it away. He informed me that he would be playing with it and keeping it in his room. Whatever works, kid. :)

Here Daddy tied the infamous blue blankie into a toga/dress for Oliver. He had A LOT of fun wearing it. I think it was so different from anything he's worn since, well, he doesn't wear dresses...ever!

These are the important things happening in the Buchanan home!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Growing Mr. Felix

From time to time Felix will hang out in his crib and let me shower. I can't help but snap pictures of him especially now that he is more alert.

He's running, haha.

Look how long he is.

Yay, looking at the camera!

And here is Felix at just a few days old for comparison. He has done a lot of growing in just 3 short weeks!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stubborn Baby

We were going to go on a walk, I had just fed Felix, and was expecting him to fall asleep on my chest.

Nope, little guy stuck his head out and looked around for half the way. Haha. Way to make me feel like his neck was going to snap off. I pretty much walked holding him like so:

Euro Cup 2012

My poor, poor child!

If you are a soccer fan then you know that the Euro Cup is being played right now. The host countries are POLAND (wooooooo!) and Ukraine. This last weekend Poland played the Czechs to see who was going to the next round. Sadly Poland lost, but it sure didn't stop my family from throwing all of our Poland gear on our newest little guy.

Doesn't he look SO happy? Haha.


The kids are crazy about her.

Oliver always butts his way on this chair just to sit on Babcia and watch cartoons!

I'm glad someone has the patience for puzzles with so many pieces!

Family Time

Kinda sad Oliver is in none of these. :(

But he is far too head strong about saying no and meaning it! So, we let him be.

4 out of the 5 of us.

Scarlett learned all about burping the baby, so she does it often!

Ugh. LOVE.

She doesn't give me kisses like she gives them to her Daddy!

She is such a sweet heart.

My little chunk!

He is so gonna hate us!

Felix; 3 Weeks

Here are just some pictures from the last week-ish. I just can't believe how quickly he's growing!

Little tummy time!

LOVE me some baby feet.

Not ready for these to get any bigger.

I love when he is passed out.

No really, lock them up!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seattle Time

We spent a beautiful morning in Seattle recently. We actually got chosen to be in a music video for one of our favorite bands, The Used. We were amongst 4 other parents with kids cast for the shoot. The shoot was at the playground at Kerry Park. Here are just some pictures while we were waiting to shoot.

Oh and sorry no know him and pictures....

Sleepy Felix and the skyline.

Scarlett kissed the camera instead of me.

Cheeks as big as Seattle.

My Men.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Not only do I have a little girl to pamper and play with, but I have three, yeah, THREE men in my corner.
Actually, I should say Scarlett and I BOTH have three men to protect us. WE are so lucky.


This was Oliver's 'cheese' face.

Here was his 'Mickey' face. I bribed him with a cookie.

And, yay, a somewhat normal one.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ollie & Scarlett Play Time

These two are hilarious and frustrating all at the same time! They are so loud most of the time that I want to rip my hair out, but at the same time they are really funny when they play together.

I HATE cutting Oliver's hair this short!! We have just been getting him trims the last few months, which was working out fine since he still had his long, blonde surfer hair. :) Then the last lady butchered it and he looked terrible. I decided we should just cut it off before Felix's arrival...He just looks too grown up.

Aaaand, he never lets me put gel in it. But hey, I like that I tricked him into looking at the camera!

They are ferociously protective of one another, yet neither is ever ready for the other one's loving. When Oliver is ready to kiss and cuddle with her, Scarlett wants none of it! And when Scarlett is feeling the need to hug and kiss her brother, Oliver runs away. Literally NEVER are they on the same page.

Here is an example of Scarlett wanting to nuzzle up to Oliver. Of course she finds his squeals hilarious. This is the loud noise I was talking about. I'm surprised I still have hair, to be honest.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Felix's Stats

Mr. Felix had his 2 week appointment today. Um, how has that much time gone by??

At birth Felix weighed 9 lbs 1 oz and measured 20 in. (90th percentile/75th percentile)
At 3 days Felix weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and measured 20.5 in.
At 2 weeks Felix weighed 10 lbs 2 oz and measured 20.75 in. (95th percentile/75th percentile)

Felix's growth makes me super happy!! He's been exclusively breastfeeding and I was somewhat scared about him gaining weight.

I did not successfully nurse Oliver or Scarlett. My recovery nurse with Oliver told me I would never breastfeed after trying for about 5 minutes. I was 21, scared, just had a traumatic birth (giant episiotomy, ouch), and didn't have many friends with kids to get support from. She gave him formula at the hospital and I just felt defeated. I tried several times over the first 2 weeks to feed him but I didn't know anything about proper latches or holds, etc. We both got frustrated and formula it was.

With Scarlett I had a fabulous team of nurses helping me get the hang of nursing. I told them my story with Oliver and they wanted nothing more then for me to be successful. Unfortunately I still had a lot of mental doubt stored up from Oliver's experience. It really got to me... Scarlett also got a horrible latch shortly after birth and I had a lot of cracking a bleeding that continued for about 2 weeks. I did manage to breastfeed for a few weeks, but with intermittent formula feedings as well. I just didn't feel confident enough to know I could sustain her on my own. I did rent a pump and stopped nursing and continued feeding her pumped milk for about 3 months.

Naturally I was terrified with Felix. I had put feeding so far in the back of my mind, I didn't know what I was going to do. Of course the wonderful nurses at Highline coached me and  would not let me give up. Surprisingly Felix totally led the show. He had a strong latch from the very beginning and not once gave me any cracked nipples. He's been a nursing champ and he's obviously gaining weight!! I owe this all the Felix and Felix alone. Perhaps by just not thinking about it until birth I didn't mentally stress myself out? But I still think its all Felix. Big baby, bigger mouth, better latch? I don't know but I love him!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Makes Me Weep


Here is Oliver kissing his then infant sister. She was maybe 5-6 weeks old.

Just a year and a half later I have that little, bitty Scarlett kissing her new baby brother.

It's crazy how quickly things can change!

And here's one of Oliver and Scarlett reunited on the play mat...just a lot bigger:

Infant Comparison

I just thought, for my own comparison, I'd post these pictures of my kiddos at roughly the same ages. I'm TERRIBLE at seeing similarities between them. Anytime I get asked who I think each one looks like, I have no idea what to say. :]

I guess I just see them all so individually!

What do you think?
Oliver; 7 days old.

Scarlett; 3 days old.

Felix; 4 days old.

P.S.: Doesn't Felix look the chunkiest? Hehe. He is close to 2 lbs heavier then his siblings at birth....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Mr. Felix!! Here are some random pictures of the newest little guy:

Scarlett likes to either swing or bounce along with Felix.

This house just got crazier!

Adorned with rattlers. Poor thing.

He does the cutest things with his lips!

I get choked up looking at this!

Oh. Em. Freakin'. Gee.

All three fighting to fit on the mat.

Such an amazing helper and big brother in general!

Got him looking!

Droopy eye. Big cheeks.

Ugh, in love.

Milk wasted.

Really? Does it get cuter?