Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oliver's SECOND Haircut Ever

Almost on the anniversary of his 1st hair cut last year, Oliver got his 2nd haircut.
His hair was long and got in his eyes constantly, but it was BEAUTIFUL.

I love his long hair, but if it interferes with daily life, I guess it needed to be shortened!

Here is the BEFORE:


I think he looks snazzy, and he did really good during the cut...
but I miss how his hair curled on the sides.

He's so my little surfer boy. :)

And because Oliver did so good and didn't freak out, he got a milk shake, a train ride,
AND got to ride the zebra on the carousel.

19 Weeks

Wow, the weeks just keep flying by, almost half way.

Squishy is the length of an heirloom tomato, crown to rump.
Next week we finally start measuring baby head to toe!

I've felt great, except for the rise in morning sickness.
I feel like one week its gone and the next it's back in full swing.
Christmas and Leavenworth were horrible bc I was so nauseous
and NOTHING sounded good. And I'm talking amazing Polish food
that I would usually gorge on...Uh, baby, I don't know what you think you're doing...

But I am happy to report that my Squishy's love taps have turned into stronger jabs
and I now feel baby very often throughout the day. The little jabs are strong enough
to notice even when I'm doing stuff. (Previously I needed to be laying still in bed
with no distractions to feel anything) I LOVE feeling those tiny kicks.

Oliver wanted to join in.

Funny faces!!

Leavenworth 2011

Ahhhh, getting away...

It was fabulous! We packed up our bags and spent the 26th-28th in a cabin in Leavenworth.
There was lots of snow, lots of great company, and the kids had a blast.

The cabin had a loft, so Scarlett was in heaven. She's our height queen. She could jump off
a huge building if she could. Oliver loved the snow and throwing snow balls!

I would call it a success.

She just wanted to dangle off the loft.

Oliver, who is terrified of heights, got pretty comfortable up there too.

Beautiful boy!

That was her view from the loft.

Sledding was quite the experience.

I had a lot of fun myself pulling these two.

She could hardly move.

Blurry, but the fam going into town.

Haha, they flipped over and cuddled.

Oliver took charge.

Sledding with daddy down the huge hill.

Again with the heights. She just wanted to climb up to the loft.

Wrestling! Scarlett's going to be one tough cookie.

Baby's 1st snowman.

Oliver named him Frosty.

Christmas 2011

Oh my goodness. How has Christmas already passed??

Here are some pictures from our celebration. The first few are Christmas Eve,
then there are some from Christmas morning. Our goal is to incorporate my
Polish Xmas traditions with George's American ones. It will involve opening
presents both on Xmas Eve night, and Christmas morning...just have to get the
kids to believe that Santa is real without them thinking we're crazy.

I think I have a few more years....right? 

Literally the best pic she would give me in her dress.

My smiley boy eating Santa's cookies.

Scarlett got a baby doll, stroller, and bottles. She is OBSESSED with feeding the baby.

The best gift was an antique shop find. More to add to the fire truck collection.

Doll had a glitch and wouldn't stop crying. Even grandpa tried his best!

Thank you Daddy for staying up until 3:30 am putting together and wrapping the big gifts.

Oliver opening up his train set!

He was, and continues to be, the HAPPIEST kid ever. He LOVES this thing!

Ollie and Scarlett's kitchen. Scar Scar loves to make Daddy coffee in the morning!

Here are the kids quiet and content after an eventful morning!



Anatomy Scan

On Friday the 23rd we had our anatomy ultrasound!
I scheduled it for the 23rd since that was the last day before Christmas
that we could possibly do it...the purpose being just in case we caved
on holding off on finding out the gender. I thought it would be cute to at
least have the tech write it down and put it in an envelope so we could open
it on Xmas.

we were able to hold strong and NOT find out the gender!!!

We have our boy, we have our girl, we have every piece of clothing
both of them ever wore along with all the baby gear/toys any baby really, why not??

I don't think there are very many surprises left in life, especially surprises
that are received after the incredible work that labor and delivery is.
My goal with Squishy is to go completely natural. I remember the incredible
high I had after I gave birth to Scarlett with no meds, and throwing in finding
out what my precious baby is in that very moment of nature's strongest high,
is something worth waiting for.

Furthermore, I've thought greatly about the relationship I have/will have with
Squishy throughout the pregnancy. It has been different than it was with the other two.
As I feel baby moving inside my belly, I am not focusing on gender roles in the future,
ie, "in a year I will be buying tutus for my baby girl" or "I can't wait to have another
little wrestler"....I have no dreams of blue or pink.

I have nothing more than the thought of a child. I will have a little baby in a mere
4.5 months. It is weird how differently I think of this Squishy because I cannot
create preexisting "norms" of what it will be like "one day". There is just right now,
and my baby. It's truly incredible. If I have any more children, I don't think I'll
want to find out what we're having.

The best shot of Squishy!

George fooling around and taking pics...

This is my second child in a row that would not give me a profile ultrasound picture. Kind of frustrating, since I love the cute little profiles...but oh well, Squishy gave us a nice straight on face shot. :) 3D ultrasound countdown starts now...can't wait to see baby again!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Swimmers; Heat 2

Here are my swimmers together tonight.
They were having an absolute blast.

And because I can never seem to get both looking
at the same time...

Here is Scarlett looking:

And here's Oliver looking"

ALMOST got them both!!

18 Weeks

We've got a bell pepper sized Squishy in my belly!!!
I feel that I significantly "popped" this week.

I'm feeling baby every day now, but only when I'm
laying in bed at the end of the night and there are no
distractions. They're still just little love taps, not real kicks. 
I'm nowhere near where Squishy can
interrupt me during work with it's tossing and turning!

Not that that won't come too quickly...

We get our FIRST ultrasound on Friday the 23rd!
Xmas present for Mommy and Daddy!!

It will be the anatomy scan and we DON'T want to find
out the gender...

Ugh, we're gonna need massive amounts of strength.
Wish us luck!!

Little Swimmers

This swimming position is a new favorite in our house!

Did I give birth to a little elf??
Look at how adorable she looks!!!
To FREAKIN' die for.

And here's my chunky monkey, my baby..oh, 'SCUSE ME
BIG boy!

Those butt cheeks are so squishy and cuuute!
I'm gonna miss him when he gets too old for Mommy.
He's such a love bug, and is finally cuddling with me every chance he gets.
He never lets too long go by without saying he loves me,
and I never want that to change.
When he came into this world,
I finally met my Prince Charming.


This is so not like me,
but I'm actually trying to take less pictures.
I don't know if its having such a busy schedule...
or my kids growing up so fast...

but I'm trying, during this break from classes, to really
take in my kids and enjoy every moment I have with them...
These moments are precious because once classes
 start, its another 10 weeks of no interrupting Mommy. Sad face.

So anyway....
Here are a few pictures from PDZA's Zoo Lights display!
Oliver was absolutely entranced and loved every
minute of it. He pointed out everything he saw!
Scarlett could care less and lazily laid
in her stroller.

We went with our friends from the east coast,
and here are the boys together for a pic, sorta.
Don't mind the hot chocolate spill on Oliver's coat.
He's a sophisticated Starbucks kid, who couldn't
quite hold on to the drink in the dark car! Ha!

Here's the huge polar bear in the gift shop.

And here was the best I got trying to get both kids to pose.
Yeah, the whole 14 month old thing doesn't help!

Look at her. She is such a mini person.
Too adorable!!