Wednesday, June 23, 2010

18 Month Stats

So I only remember his weight: 26 lbs

We just switched pediatricians, Oliver now has my old one. Kinda cool to come back to the office I grew up going to. Sadly they don't give out prints outs of the appointment like Group Health did. Those would have all the stats plus a bunch of other stuff. Now I'm going to have to remember to ask and write it all down!

But he is in the 70th percentile for both height and weight. I do remember that!

Story Time

Oliver likes to lead story time. I think as a parent I'm just along for the ride anyway...

Mommy and Son

I'm In Love

Loves Daddy's Boots

I guess I should be happy he doesn't have a fascination with Mommy's shoes...yet!


I love him!

83 degrees in Kent!

I'm still exploring Kent and am finding I don't mind it so much! There are these fountains built into the ground that kids can play in right across from the library. Well 83 degrees calls for that! Mommy and baby walked there today and had a blast!

I love this picture bc this is what Oliver thinks putting on his glasses means. He'll just run around with them around his neck. But God forbid you fix it for him. Haha.

Moses Lake

It was in the 80's this last Saturday in Moses Lake and overcast in Seattle. We chose Moses Lake.

Here's a few pictures from our adventures at the water park. Oliver is quite the swimmer. Though I think all of these pictures are from the toys and not from the water.

Oliver is quite the natural in the water. There is a baby/toddler friendly section and he would climb up the steps and go down the slide. He'd dunk under water and attempt to almost do a sort of doggy paddle. He'd splash like crazy and he even tripped in the shallow water and fell underneath the water a handful of times. No crying though. He'd paddle his way up to the surface and just laugh, but was shocked all at the same time. I love him. Swim lessons next summer for sure!

Monday, June 21, 2010

21 Weeks.

Feeling huuuuge. Many tell me I still have a small bump but it doesn't stop me from having Daddy fix my shoe straps. Too much bending over makes Scarlett kick back like crazy!

Aaaand she's making me sick again after giving me some rest for a few short weeks.


Just doing his thing.

Never Gets Old.

He is DEFINITELY mommy's boy. ;]

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Before I Forget

I used to ask Oliver where the baby in my belly was. Now I ask him where his baby sister Scarlett is. He looks at me and says 'car' then points to his Porsche. Haha. I've deduced that when I say S-CAR-lett, all he hears is car.

Bad naming choice when your first born's favorite thing is cars...

Extreme Close Up

The swing was coming at me so I decided to take a pic. This is what I got:



Oliver LOVES to roar really loud all over the house. Camera comes out and it stops. You can hear a very faint one at the very beginning though. I'm afraid this might be the best I get for a memory!

Mommy and Daddy

Gosh, there was a time when we had time to take ridiculous pictures of each other all the time. Now this happens almost never. We actually took some while Oliver was restrained in a swing today.

Four and a half years later and I'm still so in love.:]

Being a Mommy...

After there have been a plethora of tantrums, things broken, tears cried, and relentless deep breaths taken to calm down, there is nothing more priceless than watching your child just be a silly 17 month old boy; talking to himself, making faces, and trying to figure out how things work.

Just watching him be content with his little life makes me love him more than I thought I possibly could. It solidifies my love of being a mommy as hard as it can be sometimes.

Every day I have left alone with him I cherish, even when he's driving me nuts! We're such a good team and I love that he will sit in my lap and play with my hair. He'll point to my nose, then to my eyes and says EYE! Haha. We only have a few more months of having just each other and I'm not gonna let it go to waste! He's my sweet boy and I cannot justify in words how much I love him and how brutally I would kill for him.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Zoo

This was Ollie's first time! We like to make sure we're both involved for big firsts hence he never went last summer. We were so busy and I worked weekends [ew, never again!], and was going to school, that we didn't get to do a lot. :[

The ocelot was his favorite!!! He had the whole exhibit to himself for quite sometime and it's pretty small. So the ocelot would come to the window and look right at Oliver. He was giggling and pointing back at him. Other than that he just ran a lot. But Mommy and Daddy were overdue for a zoo trip so we had so much fun looking at animals!

20 Weeks


Can't believe it, I'm officially on the downwards slope. Feels like time FLEW by. I can imagine the rest will fly by too. Oliver and a full time job [as opposed to the part time with my first pregnancy] make my days go by quick!

New Tricycle!

We couldn't resist. Well, Daddy couldn't. With Mommy's help. Okay, okay, its both our faults! He really likes it, though doesn't like the pedals quite yet. If he gets pushed its alright-ish. He did take some spills but he was tough. He knew how to fall 'correctly', so no scrapes and no tears. :]

Here he is with Daddy at the beginning.

Maneuvering by himself.

Wipe out. He literally fell like this. He wasn't getting back up, this is his landing.

This means its time to be done!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

19 weeks

Baby Scarlett is doing well. Daddy felt his first kick to the face on Saturday when putting his ear to my belly! I have an OB appointment on Tuesday and there is a possibility that my due date may be pushed up. I was measuring 6 days ahead. Or she's just huge. :]

We also went shopping for her today. Oh Lord I don't even want to admit how much we spent, but we did each pick out an outfit. Daddy of course got her a tutu! He's gonna be worse than I am with shopping.


-Oliver has learned how to shake his head no. Kinda cool bc its one more step to knowing what the heck he wants/needs. Not kinda cool bc its one step closer to saying no to everything.

-He has finally begun to sign 'please' and he's putting together 'more' & 'please'. He has been doing this at daycare for a long time but I don't know any signs so I just learned please myself! Once I learn a new sign I can enforce it at home!


Here we are enjoying the only sun we'll probably see this year. I doubt we'll have summer. Wasn't snow in the forecast for this week? Perhaps a tsunami?

Oliver chasing after a dog. We really need to get on top of getting him one.

He's strong. :]

He would not get out of this swing!

17 Months

Haven't been able to get a good face shot yet!

But here he is in a doggy dish.

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's A...


Just like mommy knew from the beginning. It's funny how with both of them I had such a strong feeling about their gender. With Oliver I refused to look at girl names bc I KNEW it would be a boy. We went into the u/s with a few boy's names and sure enough I was right. We hadn't even considered girl names. This time around it was the same. I knew it was a girl and we only looked up girl names and sure enough...:]

She was VERY uncooperative today. We got absolutely NO profile shots. She looked like she was in a kneeling position with her head burrowed into my uterus, her butt up in the air and knees bent beneath her. She was also very low in my pelvis. At one point they had to tip the bed down so I was upside down to try to get Baby up into my abdomen. She even had her legs closed tight the whole time. My tech was so sweet though and left me in the room for a few minutes to reajust, go potty, and talk some sense into my kid! Right as she put the scanner back on my belly, baby opened her legs WIDE. Even to the untrained eye you could tell there was a vagina there. I asked if there was anyway the penis could be tucked and the tech said it was such a perfect angle that it was pretty much textbook vagina. Haha.

Though I wish we could have a cute profile pic of her face we did walk away with a few good shots. And 3D/4D here we come!

Oh and name will be:

Scarlett Magnolia. Love it. :]

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beebs Update

Welp, as of this last weekend (Memorial Day Weekend), I've been feeling pretty solid movement. I really only feel it at night when I'm sitting on the couch or laying in bed. That's when Beebs starts to go crazy bc mommy is finally not running around! I'm really happy about this bc I've been having a tough time believing I'm pregnant. Besides the ever expanding waistline, I haven't gained much weight [3 lbs at my PCP visit today], sickness is gone, and my energy is picking up. Not knowing the gender has also stalled any planning/shopping so I seldom think baby!

Friday is the big day!!! IF baby cooperates, and I'm hoping it does! Even if we can't see the goods, mommy and daddy are very excited to see Beebs! It'll be daddy's first time seeing this little one.

We have a girl name down pat...for the most part. Haha. We're almost positive we're gonna stick with both the first and middle name we chose. For boy, we got nothin'. Haha. We will reveal the name after we find out the gender. So sit tight!