Monday, November 30, 2009

Peek A Boo

Oliver's favorite game EVER! He was playing it with me today and I just had to post. He's such a smart little boy. He'll cover his little eyes with anything in reach then uncover them. I can't get a bigger laugh any other way.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy 4 Months

Mommy and Daddy! Seems like a lot longer, this marriage thing. :]

The Light Rail

We made a trip to Westlake on the Light Rail we still haven't ridden! It starts really close to our house, so it was nice not having to take the car into Seattle. We made the trip for the lighting of the Macy's star and the Westlake Christmas tree. We even saw Santa!

We Cage.

Haha. We had to get this bc we found it for SUPER cheap on Friday. He won't get as much use out of it now, but it will make a great shield from the Christmas tree and it will be great for a future baby.

Black Friday

Mommy and Daddy are still recuperating!

It is our first Christmas with a child so we wanted to just have fun with it.
Toys R Us opened at midnight, we got there at 11, and it wasn't too bad. We got him a couple big things and ourselves an 8 gig SD card for 20 bucks!

That was not the end though. We had enough adrenaline we decided we would check if Old Navy had anything good. They opened at 3. We got there a bit after 2, but we left with some cute clothes for him. A lot of stuff was only $5, and we got him some PJs for cheeeeeaaaaap! So even though we really only used Old Navy for something to do until 5, it was still successful.

If you're wondering what it was we were waiting for at 5am, it was a digital camera marked down 60 dollars! Fred Meyer by our house didn't have a huge line so I waited in the car until 4:40, then met George at the beginning of the line. By that time it was FREEZING so I was milking the existing heat in the car! We ended up getting it and an amazing gift for George. You'll find out what it is on Christmas....

...okay okay, I'll let you know. A zebra stripe Snuggie. It was only $9.99!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from the Buchanans!

Our first Thanksgiving was a success, mostly bc I did not have to cook! :] Thank you Mama! Oliver had a lot of fun, and he was very interested in the whole preparation process. He especially enjoyed the turkey and green beans we gave him! He is such a fun little boy and I am SO HAPPY I am not pregnant again this Thanksgiving. Being in my 3rd trimester last October, November and December was NOT pretty. :]

I got that bib for cheap again! Very proud of myself. :]

Empty plate:

Full plate. Lot's of small sized goodies!

He really enjoyed himself!

"I'm Stuffed!"

A Few Nights Ago

I adore Oliver when he sleeps. And no, its not only bc he's quiet!

The positions he gets himself into are remarkable!

Little Foot, Big Foot

When I was putting together my hand print turkey, I came upon this:

We did get a couple foot prints as well, and I couldn't help comparing to the foot prints we STILL have on the fridge, taken only a few minutes after Oliver was born.

That's what almost 11 months will do to you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Finished Product!

It won't upload properly, I don't know why. :[

But here is the final finger painting masterpiece!

Finger Painting for Thanksgiving

I am a holiday Nazi!

I love decorating and cooking and anything to do with holidays!

Now that I have a baby I can make him do all sorts of arts and crafts with me. Ugh. Too. Much. Fun!

So for the Thanksgiving 2009 Edition I thought I would get Oliver's hand prints and make that into a turkey. I chose paint. I know what you're thinking....10 month old..paint? Horrible idea. Construction paper would be better, right?

No no my friends, again, I chose paint!

Here are the pictures:

Some sort of paint catcher: check.

Wipes for spot treatment: check.
Baby: check

Touching paint for the first time:

Hand prints:

This ain't so bad:

This REALLY ain't so bad!

Oh no!

Mommy decided to do some baby painting!

It's in my mouth!

Clean up in the big yellow tub. :]

So happy.

Some of the works of art:

It was really fun and it was all caught on video. Oh man!

Stay tuned for the Christmas arts and crafts Edition!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

1st Birthday Coming SOON!

I cannot believe my munchkin will be 1 in about 5.5 weeks! I've been planning his party since he was 9 months! I was going to go with a dinosaur theme since, again, everything has been dinos since birth. But while scoping out themes I found the MOST adorable pirate theme. So we are going with a pirate party! I'm more than excited for his bday that I'm not half as excited for Christmas as I used to be. Apparetly birthing your fisrt born a week after Christmas will do that! Ha. Stay tuned for invitations, as I will be sending them out this week. Then stay tuned for pics from the party!!!!!

Get ready to get your Aaargh on!!!

Pre Pictures

We took some professional pics at church for the anniversary directory and here are some pictures before we left.

[Here Oliver has his big boy shoes on]

From Earlier This Month

Oliver playing with Gemma at our place:

Finger Foods

Oliver's new favorite food is Cheerios. I was really hesitant to let him start eating anything too big and crunchy bc of my choking fear, so he was a little behind in the solids game. I am positive he's caught up though! He enjoys everything from pizza crust, to corn, to avocado, to scrambled egg yolk! He seems to love everything we give him. He's not picky at all. He's far more picky with the jarred baby food, surprisingly.

Since the Cheerios are such a staple, we bought him a Snack Trap cup so he can take them everywhere with minimal spillage. Best thing in the world! Daddy even found one with a dinosaur! How fitting!

Yes that's a Santa hat. We couldn't resist!

Stanger Anxiety

It still continues. Oliver has gone from the most outgoing and flirty boy to being very shy around strangers. He even won't walk in front of them. We went to a birthday party at Gymboree for Natalie's 3rd birthday and it took a loooong time to warm up and walk. So funny considering at home he's a little walking demon! Haha.

Hopefully this will pass soon since he's been going through it for several weeks. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is why I don't look at old albums of Oliver. I get really sad when I see how tiny he was. I miss it! He's pretty much a toddler now.

7 days old:

He STILL sleeps with his mouth wide open. :]


Here's Some Outtakes

He's so happy when he walks!

Such a Funny Boy!