Sunday, March 28, 2010

Woof Woof

Ollie did the cutest thing just a few minutes ago. He heard a dog barking on T.V. and he immediately woofed. He said 'wooooooooo'. He likes to stretch his vowels! Then he kept on doing it. So cute!

Tooth #11

I don't remember if I had mentioned this yet, but we noticed Oliver's 11th tooth earlier this week. It's one of his bottom molars and most of it was out by the time I spotted it. He didn't exhibit any of his usual teething symptoms so it was cool to know he could sprout a molar without us going crazy! Good job Ollie.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mmmm Brownies...

First time eating chocolate. We made it almost 15 months. Pretty good right?
Here is a short video of the beginning when he wasn't too sure what to do with the spatula. He had chocolate everywhere at the end!

Enjoying the Sunshine.

In the sweet Red Flyer Wagon!

It has cup holders, just sayin'!

Nekid Baby

With his Red Robing balloon.

He says balloon now. He'll say 'ba' and then something that sounds like 'loooooooon' shortly thereafter. SO funny. He'll also point them out anywhere we are. A few days ago he saw one up in the rafters at Safeway. Everyone in the aisle knew very shortly what he was yelling about.:]

Vacumming on the Table?

Can't get him to stop...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Congrats Daddy!

I know since I'm on here I should just post everything that's in my head, bc who knows when I'll be back!

On March 25th it will be Daddy's 1 year anniversary of quitting smoking!

I cannot believe he made it this long but I am so proud. It was really hard for him and he tried relentlessly once I became pregnant, but he just couldn't stop. Luckily shortly after Ollie was born, he got the kick in the pants he needed to realize it would be in the best interest of his son if he just quit.

So happy about one of my hubby's greatest accomplishments!


I haven't posted in a while. A lot of my pics are on another computer so I haven't had access to posting them! Plus we've been moving so I haven't had much time for anything. Top that with a full time job and an opposite schedule with Daddy and sleep is so much more important than ANYTHING else!

Here's are some Oliver updates:

He's been doing the sign for 'more' constantly. They are teaching him 'more', 'please', and 'thank you' at day care. It comes in really handy when I ask him if he's still hungry. Smart boy.:]

He's beginning to like bath time again. During the anti biotics, he got a yeast infection all over his inner diaper region. It was so horrendous, I literally cringed thinking about changing him. There was lots of blood too. POOR baby. Bc of all of this it hurt to put any part of his bottom in the water. We give baths every night as part of his bedtime routine so it was rough going through the screaming every night. I don't blame him though. But everything is looking a lot better.

I'm attempting to nix the binky. He went from only needing it as an occasional comfort and for bedtime, to needing it in all day every day. I partially blame it on day care bc they let him have it all day and I partially blame myself for just letting him have it to avoid crying. We all know Oliver drools like crazy, coupled with the binky its led to terrible teething rash all over his mouth and neck. I finally said, forget it! The past couple days I've hidden all the binkys and not even gave him one to go to bed with. Best part is, he doesn't act any different. I think he pretty much forgot about his love for the binky. [Oh and I just put up with an unhappy baby and am learning to try to make him feel better instead of giving him a mute button!]

Lastly, we are now going with the straw sippys. Oliver loves drinking from straws so it seemed fitting to get him to stop depending solely on the bottle by getting him a fun alternative. During the pneumonia I just gave in to giving him the bottle at every meal, totally abandoning his sippys. He was in such a fragile state I just wanted him as comfortable as possible. Now that we're back to reality we have made big strides with his sippys, though at night time he still gets a bottle. Just bc I'm a weak momma and I know it helps Ollie be more comfy. :]

And since I have no new pics to post, here's an old one:

The end of March '09. Being gnomes.:]

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Oliver beating up on Mommy who just wanted to warm up by the fire place!

Hanging Out

Sleeping Pics

I realized I haven't posted one in awhile, so here are two!

I love my sleeping baby. :]

Who's That In The Fridge?

He looks really unhappy, but this was the only picture snapped at the time!

Oliver likes to back up into things and sit down. Even if someone is sitting on the ground, he will back up into them until his bum touches something and he sits it down! He was really amused doing it on the refrigerator!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flash Back.

Here's a few photos from one year ago!

(This one cracks me up. We surprisingly have a lot of yawning pics!)

Oliver was just 2 months old. :]

AntiBiotics T-1.5 Days!

We just have two doses tomorrow and one in the morning on Tuesday! So excited. Oliver's butt is not in the greatest shape, so I'm really happy for him to get the antibiotics out of his system and for his poor little bottom to heal up!

Poop In The Tub

We had our honorary first poop in the tub on Saturday.

I feel pretty lucky that it happened for the first time at 14 months. Many of my friends had horror stories much earlier.

Oh, and a special thanks to Daddy for taking care of it. I love you honey! :]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pneumonia Update.

Oliver is looking good.

The only bad stuff to report is his ever growing diaper rash. Anti-biotics do NOT do a butt good. :]

Then there's also the fatigue. The day care says he's just fine there but he comes home and is really whiny and disinterested with his toys and food, etc. So its a couple hour struggle til bed time. I've been putting him down a bit earlier, like 15-30 minutes early, but he's been sleeping in til I have to wake him up at nearly 7. Usually he's waking me up!

The meds are not getting any easier. If anything Oliver knows when they're coming. I've said this a lot, but it has been the hardest thing for me as a mother to have to physically restrain my child and force a HUGE tube of medicine down his throat. I have to go as far as stroke his throat so he actually swallows. I'm terrified of leaving marks on him bc he puts up a strong fight.

Though on a positive note, its easier in the morning due to him still being a bit sleepy so he swallows the stuff easier. Still cries and tries to get away, but its no where near as bad as before bed!

We're 4 and a half days in with just 5 and a half remaining. Almost half way there!

14 Months Today!

Look at my big ham!

The key to a non-blinking picture I've found, is to distract him to look at me NOT the camera!

Otherwise...THIS happens. CHEESE!

This last one would have been perfect too. I closed up on a him and everything, but BLINK! :]

And look how big his shampoo Mohawk is getting!:

This is back in August. He was 7 months! Can you believe it?