Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scarlett 3D

We got over 50 pictures and they all came out so beautiful. Oliver was far more elusive to capture bc he was burrowed into my placenta and would not move.

All Scarlett did was stick her tongue in and out. She loved putting her fingers in her mouth and licking her arm. She's amazing and this makes me want to hold her so much more! We are so ready for our baby girl!

Crazy Child

Saturday was Nicky's baby shower. She's due 4 weeks ahead of me! Of course Oliver found his own fun.

Balloon heaven.

First time noticing the pool.

His buddy Noah knew the pool wasn't such a good idea.

Oliver thought it was JUST what he needed.

Brush Your Teeth Please!

Out And About

I love my son. He's so darm cute.


Oliver, for the most part, sleeps pretty normally.

These are two examples when he doesn't:

Hanging half off the bed. :]

He was completely on the floor but he was holding on to the bed with his hand!

30 Weeks

Up 14 lbs overall. I'm hoping to only gain about 10 more lbs these last 2 months. I'm feeling a lot better. The iron supplements have really kicked in and I feel like my same old self. My nesting is definitely beginning. Slowly but surely I have started to deep clean certain parts of our place, haha.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sweet Boy

We really made the sweetest little guy.

As a prerequisite I have to admit that as weaned as Ollie is from the binky, he does get it at night time sometimes. Tonight was one of those nights...

I always get a night night kiss from him before I shut the lights out and close the door. If he's got a binky in I usually kiss his cheek or kiss the binky. Tonight when I kissed his cheek he took his binky out, said 'more' and went to kiss me on the lips! I can tell you now I'm so in love with my baby boy! I was so happy I went in for another kiss but just on the cheek [he had the binky back in his mouth at this point]. He took the binky out again, said 'more' and gave me another kiss on the lips.

He knows just how to win me over. :]

Big Monkey!

Mr. Oliver got this big ol' monkey from his Grandpa Buchanan! He loves it and always cuddles with it at night!

Cheesy face!!

My Two Main Men

Doing what men do best. Eating and hogging the remote.

Rain Boots

It was 100 degrees today in Kent. Oliver decided that he wanted to play outside in his rain boots. There really is no point in fighting this. :)

This was the best face shot from over 50 photos. He is just too fast.

Fire Truck!

If you don't know already, Oliver is obsessed with all things that have an engine. Airplanes, buses, trains, helicopters, etc. George and I were fortunate enough to nab this fire truck at this lovely second hand shop for 6 bucks! Woo hoo. It blinks and talks and is just really cool.

I caught Ollie trying to ride it and had to take a picture of course. :]

THIS Is My Son

He is oh so much his mother's son:

I stole the pic from my mom's blog so its a bit small. Click on it to enlarge and you'll notice the pencil in his mouth and him wandering around in my dad's shoes.

**This kid is obsessed with wearing other [adult] people's shoes. They even told me at daycare he takes his off and puts on the daycare helpers flip flops. Silly boy.

I'm SO Creative

NOT! But I try anyway. :]

Here is me in action last night:

My finished product. I hate that this picture looks like it's hanging crooked! But I think it turned out pretty good. Her nursery colors are pink, red, white and green. I thought it might look too busy with all the color, but I really like it. "]

And here's what it looks like amongst the furniture. I can't wait to get the bedding and get the baskets for the changing table. I really don't need that much to have it done, but I'm doing one thing at a time bc let's face it, I'm EXHAUSTED. :]

Summer Heat

21 weeks

29 weeks

Honestly I'm surprised there isn't a HUGE difference. But I thought I'd share because I may be unable to wear bikinis after I'm done with this baby. :]


This was just so funny I had to share.

29 Weeks

And really happy?

Mommy Turns 24

Can't have my bday without ice cream cake. Hubby got me a Reese's ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Yeah, he knows what's up. Haha.

Oliver made a fair attempt at eating the cake by him self. :]

Oliver Update

He is talking so much. Here are some of his newer words.

-Eh Eh: Airplane
-Mow-mow: Motorcycle
-Beep Beep: Stands for any large vehicle [bus, semi]
-No [Boo on this one.]
-Niema [The spelling could be incorrect, but it's Polish for 'all gone' or 'no more']

He is sometimes saying bus for buses instead of the standard beep beep. I still think its cool how he differentiates between different kinds of vehicles. He is so smart. :]

No is my least favorite. He doesn't say it often yet, but he's getting the hang of it.

He is so much more fun now that he's getting more communicative. I'm coming to realize that kids get more and more fun the older they get. It really makes me excited for Scarlett. With Oliver everything has been so new and unknown. With her I know how much fun it will be to see her hold her head up, smile for the first time, crawl, eat solids, etc etc. I think this time around I'll be so much more confident and sure of what I'm doing! I just cannot wait to hold her in my arms!

Balloons Go Everywhere

Even the tub.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scarlett's Nursery

Her side of the room is coming along great! We got the crib, mattress and changing table all set up! Here is Oliver jumping on her mattress. He had too much fun and I took so much video, so here's a glimpse.

19 Months!

Say WHAT? My BABY is getting so close to 2!

28 Weeks

Very late, I know.

This week I had my GD blood test done. I'm severly anemic which explains why I've been so lazy and unable to accomplish anything. It's been pretty tough, but I've felt a bit better with my iron supplements. Hopefully I'll feel a bit better and have some more energy before Scarlett arrives. I've got so much to do!


Oliver has no fear. Here is is jumping to Daddy.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just 19.5 Years To Go...

He's beginning his training now for his 21 run in Vegas.

That's the blender from Margaritaville that Daddy had filled with well, margarita.

It works fabulously for water and Oliver loves it. Haha.

Rock Star

He's starting early. :]

Loud Music

When I was pregnant with Oliver, George and I still managed to attend a lot of rock shows. It's one of our favorite things to do. We have several friends in a few different bands so we would be out and about at those shows as well. Oliver never liked the loud noise bc I would start to get this pain in my belly and he'd start moving all over the place. The pain though made me have to sit outside most of the time.

Fast forward to this weekend. We went to go see Matty [Oliver's godfather] perform with his band at the Scarlet Tree in Greenlake [perfect name, right?]. Scarlett took it like a champ. I felt her moving around a lot but I didn't have any of that familiar pain I did with Oliver.

This may seem like nothing but in my mind I'm hoping this means Scarlett will be more laid back. Perhaps she won't be ultra sensitive to outside stimulation and then in turn NOT be colicky.

Yeah I know this is me going in really deep and perhaps making something out of nothing. But a mom can dream, right?


Scarlett's Nursery

We finally got to pick up the crib yesterday after ordering it what seems like ages ago! I really wanted a natural wood color but I found that changing table weeks ago and had to have it! 50 bucks at a second hand store and in mint condition. Since it was white and painting it seemed like too much work at this time in my life, we went with a white crib. It's growing on me.:]

I can't wait to start decorating the rest of the nursery!

And yes that's Oliver jumping in the foreground. He's gotten so good at jumping with both feet off the ground, it's incredible how high he goes.