Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two Christmases

If you've known me long enough, you know our family celebrates two Christmases. Growing up we opened gifts on Christmas Eve, following Polish tradition, and Daddy opened gifts Christmas morning. We couldn't decide on just one way to celebrate, as both traditions mean a lot to us. Instead we meshed it all together and will adjust 'the story' for the kids to make them keep believing in Santa.

Here are some pictures from my parent's house on Christmas Eve.

Eep, finding the first gift to open!

Oliver could read all the names and give gifts to the right peoplel

I love this shot bc its true to our family. Someone is always videotaping.photographing.

I just think she is such a beautiful child.

She got a toothbrush and was super excited about it. She LOVES brushing!

Felix woke up and opened gifts!

Love him!
And here are some pictures of Christmas morning at the Buchanan house:

I'm bummed we didn't charge our video camera. It died right as the kids ran down the stairs screaming that Santa had come. I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear. Not over the camera, but over how happy the kids were. I'm a very nostalgic person and I was always so into magical, mystical things as a kid. I wished so hard that everything existed as I slowly found out there was no Santa, Tooth Fairy, wizards, mermaids. I remember being so angry...anyway, that's a whole 'nuther tangent. My point is, that the emotion I feel seeing my kids SO genuinely in awe and in an utter state of happiness is indescribable. They believe so strongly in the magic of the holidays and its sad when Christmas is over.

With that being said, here are some photos! We set the standard low this year; each got to put 3 things on their list for Santa. Last year they got some high priced items (kitchen, train table, easel, amongst tons of toys) so this year I wanted to make sure we stuck with smaller things. We have, so. many. toys. in this house. Plus by only expecting 3 things....they were ecstatic at anything extra!

Felix's 1st Christmas.

All in one picture. Always a good thing.

Scarlett stuffed her mouth with candy.

HE GOT THE SKATEBOARD. I don't think O could have been any happier.

Little brother had to plop down on the skateboard too.

This was a Christmas to remember. Everything was perfect and I cannot wait until next year!

Cookies For Santa

I cannot express how fun this Christmas season has been. I now have two kids that understand Santa and reindeer, and presents, etc. Everything made them giddy! More so Oliver however, so next year will be even better! This is good news for a person like myself, that is IN LOVE with the holiday season!

We made sure to leave out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Naturally I had them in their Christmas PJs and took pictures!

Felix wanted to eat the food.

"Santa, are you in there?"

"I'm waiting for you, Santa!"

Oliver tested the milk to make sure it was good.

Scarlett ate a cookie and drank most of Santa's milk. Yeah...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Update

For anyone that is wondering what is going on with us, here a little bit about the last few months:

The Kids:

The kids have all being doing well and getting along. The older ones LOVE that Felix is much more participatory. Oliver has grown to absolutely adore his little brother. He always wants to be around him and show him things. He had full on conversations with Squish. Scarlett really loves him too, but she's going thru her Terrible Two stuff, so she's got good days and bad. She gets angry at everyone, so we've been trying to give her a bit more singular attention.

Oliver still says 'katair' instead of guitar. That cracks me up.
Scarlett is talking in almost full sentences. She amazes me each day with what she's speaking.
Felix is pretty happy. No teeth yet. Not as interested in mobility like my other two crazy kids.


Daddy continues to work about 70 hours a week. He rarely takes any weekend days off and has just been a workoholic. But its all for good measure. I haven't been working and so we are down an income. I am really honored by his drive to keep working as much as possible so that we can continue to pay bills and live the life we're used to. I personally don't think he needs to work as much as he is (mainly bc I miss him), but again, its endearing to be with a guy who puts his family first and has the stamina and work ethic to do what he is doing. I am excited for my new job so that George feels like he won't have to work AS much.


I continue with school. I am on break now, though still continuing with my Practicum. I am so close to the halfway mark of the program, I just can't wait to be officially on the downhill slope. February will mark the end of my current Practicum placement, and in April I will begin another. It'll be more hours and it'll be a year long, but I'm excited to switch gears from Hospice and Home Health, to a hospital setting. As mentioned above, I did get a job. These last 6 months, jobless, was kind of terrible. I was not meant to be a SAHM. I love my kids dearly and I had a lot of fun, but its just not something I has ever wanted. I wish I could go back to my old job, but wanting to save money on daycare, I found a job working evenings/nights at the ED at Valley! Since I want to do medical social work, its a nice way to get my feet wet in the emergency environment. Plus I'll get more time with my kids during the day and still get to work part time. It's win-win!

Camera Phone Pic Update!

I figured I'd post a few phone pics (34, wow). I document so many cute things that way! Some of these haven't been posted on FB or Instagram, so bonus!

Here's Felix with his budyy Evie. They are 4 months apart. I can't wait until they can play!

This is how I catch S sleeping sometimes.

My kids like to imitate my tattoos.

Felix had a mustache for Movember. :)

My kids with their best friend, Chloe!

Blurry, but what my view looks like in the mornings. I REALLY need a California King...

F has been practicing a lot of standing.

Oliver rarely sleeps funny, but there are always exceptions.

He's just cute.

How cute is this. My two guys.

My littlest guy wanted in too!

Take a gander at this gem,

Felix is finally enjoying baby food, including Mums.

Never gets old!

The one time O really wants to pose, S wants no part!

For the kid in me, his REALLY never gets old.

With Chloe, taking a break from Zoolights inside. Fishies!!!

Sending out their letters to Santa. We set the expectations low this year. Only requesting 3 items!

Dirty mirror, sorry. S is becoming a pro at makeup (chapstick).

He folds over a lot. Either his head weighs a ton, or his toes taste good.

Decorating and eating cookies.

S is NOT  sweets girl, but even she enjoyed them.

Felic helped hold the frosting.

O testing out his Xmas jammies.

Making ornaments!

After Mommy painted a few.

Chunky Santa.

Cuddling and watching Xmas shows.

Xmas lists to Santa.

S getting made up for our Mommy/daughter shopping day.

She loved picking out gifts,

Not liking his Xmas outfit.