Monday, May 31, 2010


Oliver decided to say dog and cat yesterday. Out of nowhere. He can say it all the time now so its not a fluke as I had initially thought!

Two more teeth have broken through making his count 14. 2 more also look like they're gonna break through soon. Yikes, full mouth of teeth.

I felt like the worse mom yesterday. I gave Oliver blueberries with dinner and he was devouring them. We only bought a small container of them and he could have easily eaten them all. I've been craving fruit like crazy this pregnancy so I decided to lie and tell Oliver there were no more so I could eat them after I put him to bed. Oh my.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Here we go. Everyone knows mommy loves walking down memory lane! These are from the end of May last year. ;]

He's changed so much!!! He was only 5 months old here.

Such a Helper

I've mentioned before how great Oliver is with helping. Today he did so good at the grocery store. I gave him everything first and he would turn around in the shopping cart and throw it in the back for me. He thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Also this morning our coffee table was a bit messy from mommy and daddy the night before and the FIRST thing Oliver did after waking up was grab the garbage and run to the bathroom garbage with it. Why the bathroom garbage you ask? We have the kitchen blocked off with a gate so he can't take everything out of the cupboards and this includes the main garbage. He knows now that he can throw garbage in his diaper genie or either bathroom garbage.

P.S. my big boy is learning to help flush the toilet after mommy and daddy go[yeah he likes to hang out and watch...] and opening up his Diaper Genie all by himself by pushing the foot pedal. :]


Oliver decided no handed was the way to go. :]

18 weeks

..Almost Forgot

Daddy's getting practice for the two we shall be having soon.:]

Playing Around

With his best bud Elijah and the woof woof.


Oliver loved chasing them all over!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovely Boy



Never gets old. Seeing my lovely boy sleep. Though the positions he gets himself into...

New Hang Out

I forgot I hadn't posted this!!! I found Oliver in our built in bookcase. Don't mind the mess, we're still moving stuff over to our pretty new bookcase. That's pretty much going to be Oliver's bookcase for toys, books, etc. :]

Daddy and Baby

I think its so cute when the two of them do this!

Oliver loves 'swimming'. We've been exposing him to the pool lately and he loves it!

He's practicing in the tub.


This is Oliver's new favorite way to relax.:]

Disregard the binky. Daddy is weak.
Oliver is completely weaned off of his binky. He can get to sleep without it, get back to sleep without it, nap without it, etc. When he has tantrums[very rarely this happens] we just deal with it. But Daddy 'feels bad' bc Oliver does still like it [He tell me I'm gonna be the mean parent, haha]. When Ollie hears the 'B' word he points to where we used to keep them all the time. So when Mommy's not around, Daddy breaks down and lets him have it for a bit. I'm okay with it. He is still young. No way, no how am I going to be the mom of the 5 year old, regularly developed, kid with the binky hanging out of their mouth.

Someone's Following Daddy's Footsteps...


The Face

Oliver is such a smarty pants. He knows where his eyes, ears, hair, mouth, teeth, tongue, and hands are. Oh and can't forget his nose!!! He can also point it out on me! This all just keeps proving to me what a big boy he's becoming. Oliver is truly not my baby anymore. I'm happy about this though. When I first found out I was pregnant I felt 3 scenarios at all times:
1) I can't bring this baby into the world bc I will NEVER love them half as much as I love my Ollie Bollie.
2) What if I love this baby more than Oliver? It took time for me to bond with Oliver with my PPD, so what if its right away with this one?
3) No matter what Oliver will no longer have my full attention. What if he feels like I don't love him anymore.

But I realize I felt this way bc I thought of Oliver as a baby. He's not. Even as a baby he wasn't really a baby. Haha. He's so independent and he's proving what a big help he is. He puts his own diapers in the trash, if I ask him to throw his clothes in his laundry basket he will. He'll put his shoes away, put his own toys away. He's awesome. He'll be fabulous with the new baby and I won't be NOT giving him attention. He's gonna be my special helper.

P.S. I don't really believe in any of the astrology stuff but I find it interesting. Let me tell you, Oliver is a TRUE Capricorn even at almost 17 months.:]

Cool dude:


That's the new word that Oliver says ALL the time. When I pick him up from daycare he stops at every parked car on the way to ours, points at it/touches it and says caaaa-ah. He'll point out of the window at home and randomly start shouting it at the parked cars
He has a few books on trucks and cars and it doesn't matter what it it, if it has four wheels and resembles a car he points to the window[where the cars are] and says caaaa-ah. It's so cute. But proof that he's learning so much!!

I love how interactive he is with books, since we're on the topic of speech. He recognizes so many things that he can say. If you're not either myself or George it all sounds the same, but there's a difference between 'ball', 'blocks','car', etc. And things he can't say he can point out. Anytime he sees shoes in a book he points to his feet. I love it. He's learning so much!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Oliver's friend August had her first bday party this last weekend. I don't have any actual pictures with the bday girl unfortunately. Oliver was too busy getting dirty in the yard to care about the pretty little girl in her adorable birthday tutu!!! So here are some I did snap:

Bath Time

I've realized the plethora of bath pictures I have. I think it has something to do with how the tub contains my child in a small area. Haha. We just got these letters that stick to everything and have been working on recognizing his name. I couldn't resist taking these. There like 100 more where this came from. Haha.

17 weeks

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

16 Weeks

Bad news, morning [aka ALL day] sickness has been back the last few days. Not cool Beebs, not cool. Still no weight gain, I keep losing if anything. I'm just waiting for the day I gain 20 lbs in a day! It'll happen! I'm also waiting for kicks!!! I want full blown kicks!

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Where Is It?"

The infamous pose:

It's kind of a crappy picture but I had to keep the camera on me for almost an hour to get this!!

Anyway, Oliver makes this pose and says, "Where is it?" when he's looking for something. He doesn't say all the words clearly but you can most definitely tell what he's saying! I think he's so used to me saying that when asking him to point things out.
For example I'll say, "Where's the doggy?", He looks around, runs to the window, turns to me, arms up, "Where is it?", turns back around sees the doggy and points and claps! Then goes on to woof woof until the doggy is out of sight.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Words!

The flood gates have opened. I keep hearing new words, I can't keep up.

All I hear lately is:

Car (caw)
Cracker (crak)

So silly.

Gender U/S

I got it moved up to June 4th! Why wait til I'm 20 weeks 5 days, when I can do it at 19 weeks 1 day?

AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

I'm so antsy. I just want to know, so then I can name the baby, start preparing, and schedule my 3D/4D!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Oliver's favorite words:

1. Mine!
2. More! [while signing]

He's been saying Mommy more and more, but only when he really wants something. :]

He also knows what a nose is. I ask him where his nose is and he points to mine. We're working on the 'your' part, but overall he knows what it is.

We've also been practicing where the baby in my belly is. I ask him, "Where's the baby?" And he points to my belly. It's not an every time thing, but he's getting it.:] I still know he has NO idea what's coming in 5 and a half months. Uh oh.

Which reminds me, Oliver LOVES to say UH OH! He's so cute when he does it too.

Here is the blur that is my son. Always on the go. ;]

Out In The Sun

We Cage

I kid, I kid.:]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moments So Rare...

Spoon Fed

This kid amazes me. Since he's in daycare I often don't get to see so many things. For example, I know he eats cereal most mornings and his teacher says he has no trouble. Since I don't usually give him cereal I've never seen him do it, hence in the back of my mind I feel as though he doesn't know how.

BIG mistake. He's fine. ;]

Playing With My Camera

I ended up getting the Cannon I wanted, and I have been fidgeting with all the different buttons. I'm just experimenting here and there since I don't have enough time in my days for much!!!

I'm no photographer and most of these were taken by mistake really! But I'm excited to learn more about lighting, etc so I can push the right buttons. Sadly Oliver is just so fast and crazy that I think I'll learn the most with the new baby. No joke. Non movers are better for new learners. Haha.

Here are a few favorites that I took in the last few days!

15 Weeks

Just a more flutters to report, not much else. Appetite is better. I still crave fruit. No weight gain. Sunny weather is making getting out on walks easier! That means exercise!

My 2nd Mother's Day!

We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday since Daddy has to work on Sunday's, therefore has to sleep in until noon to function.

We spent the day taking the Light Rail into Seattle, browsing the Aquarium[a first for Daddy and baby], and enjoying Pike Place's extra flower tents just for Mom's Day.

Then after we attended church for a 1st Communion that we really didn't get to enjoy. Oliver did not want to be contained inside the church, thank goodness for the playground right outside.

Here are just a FEW pictures bc I went crazy!!!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Early Mommy's Day

God graced me with the sweetest little boy on the planet. After mommy's mani and pedi after a long week of work, she was greeted with an I Love You balloon, a rose, and a sloppy kiss on the lips. ;]

Here he is in his cute biker, cut off shirt. ADORABLE.

I think the balloon was more for himself than me, so he gave me his stick instead. Daddy said that balloon was the first one Oliver got his hands on. It was meant to be.

Sniffing the pretty flower. He really likes flowers. :]

Monday, May 3, 2010

16 Months

Can't believe how old my baby is getting!

Here he is jumping. Or should I say attempting. He's actually doing really good. He can get a tiny bit off the ground, but he mostly flails his arms. So cute.:]

And this is the end to his jump.