Monday, January 14, 2013

Scarlett, the Mommy

Oh Scarlett Magnolia.

If you come to my house, you will hear me say that often. Scar is a ton of work! Its those Terrible Twos.

Scarlett has really been developing her personality. She's started noticing all the pink in the toy aisles. We have a car seat and umbrella stroller for her Dolly. Yesterday we almost walked out of Target with a grocery cart to put Dolly in. She's been making sure Dolly is always wrapped in the blanket at home, and she sleeps in Scarlett's bed. I even have to give Dolly night night kisses. She's the second daughter I never had, hahaha.

But I'm finally seeing Scarlett in the role of nurturer on a daily basis. However, she's still hit and miss with her little brother!

In my haze that was FT graveyard training, I spent a lot of time snoozing on the couch while the kids took care of themselves. There was one day where I was kinda of in and out of consciousness and I remember looking over at Oliver and Scar. They were watching the Disney Channel, had gotten the cereal out of the cupboard, and Scarlett was feeding Oliver.

Scarlett: "Ollie, open your mouth!" "Say Ahhhhhhh"
Ollie: *opens mouth*
Scarlett: *throws in cereal* "Good job, Ollie" "Say Ahhhhhhh" *while opening her own mouth to illustrate*

I was cracking up!!

Scarlett is really coming into her own. Now that she talks in full sentences, practically, she can have her needs known. So nice for everyone! This includes potty training. We had attempted in August or September, with bad results. I'm going to say this, as hard as it is, but it was ALL my fault! She was doing great but I couldn't dedicate the time to her needs. I was constantly nursing the baby at the time and she wanted to use the big potty instead of the little one she could use herself. That meant I needed to stop everything to go hoist her up on to the toilet. Because I was in the middle of things with Felix, she ended up having accidents alot after telling me she needed to go. We ended up scrapping the whole thing and back to diapers is was.

I was very depressed about it. I was hoping to just rid myself of diapers like we had with Oliver, all at one time. But we needed to regroup, so I figured after the holidays, we'd pick up and start again.

So since January 2nd, the diapers are GONE!!!

Scarlett was just ready and Felix is so much more capable of being left alone. Good mix! She even topped Oliver and hasn't needed anything for night time. She's been waking up and crying about once a night, which means she needs to pee. Once I get up and get her to the toilet, she goes right back to sleep. She rocks!! The only thing she's not comfortable with is poop. She tells me she's scared. But she's finally got the hang of it, it was just scary the first few days.

I have to say this, but no pee pee = waaaaaaaay less mess. Haha. The common problem with Oliver was reminding him to hold his pee pee down! Otherwise pee went everywhere!

Scarlett is so feisty and I wouldn't want it any other way. She is truly a fun child, who won't smile for pictures!


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